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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Target -- 74 items under $1. 17 are free!


Getting Started? Watch this!

Target Coupon Policy is now online! Print it and carry it with you!

Don't forget your reusable bags! Target is now giving a 5c credit per bag!

Ongoing Deals

Kodak disposable Funsavers camera
Retail: $3.84
Coupon: $5 off any Kodak camera target printable
Total: Free!

Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Shampoo Travel Size
Retail: 98c
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link)
Total: Free!

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
Retail: 99c
Coupon: 50c/2 from 11/15 SS and $1 Target printable
Total: Free (and possible overage)

Steaz Organic Iced Tea (16 oz) -- $1.08
Coupon: free tea printable (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with Calcium -- 97c
Coupon: $1 off 10ct Target printable (exp 1/2/10)
Total: Free!

Scotties Facial Tissues
Retail: $1
Coupon: $1 printable (tell them you do not use Scotties regularly)
Total: Free!

Purina Friskies Party Mix cat treats
Retail: $1.24
Coupon: $2/2 from the 11/15 SS and $1/2 Target coupon (exp 12/26)
Total: 2 for Free or better!

Air Wick FreshMatic
Retail: $4.99
Coupon: $5 from 11/15 SS (exp 12/27)
Total: Free!

Aviva Accu-Check blood glucose monitor
Retail: $9.99
Coupon: $10 from 8/23 SS or 11/8 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

Reach Dental Floss
Retail: 97c
Coupon: $1 from 10/4 RP (exp 6/30/10)
Total: Free!

Hormel Completes
Retail: $1.99
Coupon: $2 from October All You (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

Kashi Go Lean Crunch
Retail: $2.69
Coupon: $3 home mailer from Vocalpoint (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

Rolaids 3 pack
Retail: $1.57
Coupon: $4/2 from 10/4 RP (exp 1/4/10)
Total: 2 for Free!

Dove Deodorant (travel section)
Retail: 97c
Coupon: $1 from the 10/4 RP (exp 12/27)
Total: Free!

Skintimate (travel section)
Retail: $1.47
Coupon: $1.50/1 from October's Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies Home Journal or Woman's Day (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

Rayovac Alkaline Batteries 2 pk (found in the dollar spot)
Retail: $1
Coupon: $1 from 10/18 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

Renu Fresh Lens Comfort (travel section)
Retail: $1.52
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: Free!

Hefty Freezer Bags (certain sizes. check at the price scanner)
Retail: $1
Coupon: $1 from 11/1 (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

St Ives Body Wash & Skin Lotion (travel size)
Retail: 97c
Coupon: $1 from 11/15 (exp 12/31)
Total: Free!

All Laundry Detergent (travel size)
Retail: $1.02
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 2c

Command 3 Hooks 8 ct
Retail: $2.14
Coupon: $1 Target printable and $1 printable (exp 12/31)
Total: 14c

Contadina Tomato Sauce (Del Monte) 8 oz
Retail: 42c ea
Coupon: $1/4 printable (zip 90210)
Total: 17c ea

Johnson's Buddies Soap
Retail: $1.19
Coupon: $1 from 9/13 RP (exp 12/15)
Total: 19c

Spam Singles
Retail: 89c ea
Coupon: $2/3 Horeml items from 10/18 RP (exp 12/31)
Total: 23c ea

Johnson and Johnson Safety Swabs 55ct (baby aisle)
Retail: $1.29
Coupon: $1 from 9/13 RP (exp 12/15)
Total: 29c

Starkist Tuna
Retail: 84c for the 2.6 oz
Coupon: $1/2 mfg printable
Total: 34c ea

Wonka Gummies
Retail: $1.39
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link)
Total: 39c

Campbells Cream Soups
Retail: 66c (thru 12/26)
Coupon: $1/4 printable (ff link) or $1/5 from 9/20 SS (exp 12/15)
Total: 41c ea or 46c ea

Heinz Classic Chicken Gravy, 12 oz
Retail: 79c (until 11/28)
Coupon: $1/3 Heinz Gravy printable
Total: 46c ea

Softsoap Ensembles Hand Soap Refill
Retail: $2.49
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: 49c

Keebler Wheatables
Retail: $1.99 (until 12/12)
Coupon: $1.50 printable
Total: 49c

Kellogg's All-Bran Crackers
Retail: $1.99 (until 12/26)
Coupon: $1.50 printable
Total: 49c

Command 3 Hooks 12 ct
Retail: $2.49
Coupon: $1 Target printable and $1 printable
Total: 49c

Krusteaz Cookie Mix
Retail: $1.50
Coupon: $1 from 10/11 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: 50c ea

Kids Crest Toothbrush/Toothpaste combo (in the travel section)
Retail: $1 ea
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/29 P&G
Total: 50c ea

Beggin Strips Canadian Cuts
Retail: $2.54
Coupon: $1.50 from 10/25 SS and $1/2 Target printable (exp 1/24/10)
Total: 54c ea

Steaz Organic Iced Tea (16 oz) -- $1.08
Coupon: B1G1 printable
Total: 54c ea

Hormel Chili Master Chili
Retail: $2.54
Coupon: $2 from October All You (exp 12/31)
Total: 54c

Swanson Natural Goodness Chicken Broth, 14 oz
Retail: 66c (through 11/28)
Coupon: 35c/4 from 11/8 SS (exp 12/20)
Total: 57c ea

Ore Ida Microwave Ready French Fries
Retail: 1.37
Coupon: $1.50/2 printable
Total: 62c ea

GE Reveal CFL Appliance Lightbulbs
Retail: $1.89
Coupon: $1.25 from 10/4 (exp 11/29) or 11/1 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: 64c

Mission Tortillas (10 pack)
Retail: $1.68
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link) or look for peelies on the package
Total: 68c

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta
Retail: $1.19
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: 69c ea

Maruchan Yakisoba
Retail: $1.19
Coupon: 50c from 10/18 SS (exp 1/31/10)
Total: 69c

Duncan Hines Cake Mixes
Retail: 97c
Coupon: 55c/2 Duncan Hines Baking Mixes from 10/11 SS (exp 1/31)
Total: 70c ea

Market Pantry Cool Whip -- $.70

Fleishmann's Yeast Strip
Retail: $1.12
Coupon: 40c from 10/4 SS (exp 1/31)
Total: 72c

Idahoan Potatoes
Retail: 99c ea
Coupon: 75c/3 printable
Total: 74c ea

Diamond Entertaining (plastic silverware)
Retail: $1.49
Coupon: 75c from 11/8 RP (exp 12/31)
Total: 74c

Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk,12 oz
Retail: 99c
Coupon: 50c/2 from 9/27 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: 74c ea

SoBe Water
Retail: $1
Coupon: 25c printable
Total: 75c

Bare Solo Cups or Plates
Retail: $1.50
Coupon: 75c printable (ff link)
Total: 75c

Tidy Cats Litter 10 lb
Retail: $1.77
Coupon: $1 from 10/4 RP (exp 1/4/10)
Total: 77c

Cool Whip -- $.77

Ky Warming Gel 2.5 oz
Retail: $2.82
Coupon: $2 from 5/10 RP (exp 12/31)
Total: 82c

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners 4 ct
Retail: $1.87
Coupon: $1 from 11/8 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: 87c

Bagelfuls Strawberry Cream Cheese
Retail: $1.89
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 89c

Motts Apple Juice
Retail: $1.89
Coupon: $1 Target printable
Total: 89c

Gold Fish Crackers -- $1.66
Coupon: 75c printable
Total: 91c

Pepperidge Farm Garden Cheddar Gold Fish
Retail: $1.67
Coupon: 75c printable (zip 90210)
Total: 92c

Wet Ones
Retail $2.24
Use $1.50 printable
Total: 94c

Activia Yogurt
Retail: $1.97
Coupon: $1 from 10/4 SS (exp 1/31/10)
Rebate: Send in your UPC to get a free Yo Plus (exp 12/31)
Total: 97c

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
Retail: $1.98
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link)
Total: 98c

Kernal Seasoning -- 98c ea (for Up rebate)

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce -- 99c (until 12/26)

General Foods International Coffee
Retail: $1.74
Coupon: 75c from 10/4 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: 99c

Method Spray -- $2.99
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: 99c

Coffeemate Creamer 16oz
Retail: $1.49
Coupon: $1/2 mfg printable on the Target site
Total: 99c

Dannon Danactive 4 pack
Retail: $1.99
Coupon: $1/1 from 10/4 SS (1/31/10)
Total: 99c

Dawn Direct Foam
Retail: $2.49
Coupon: $1.50 from Home Made Simple booklet (exp 3/31/10)
Total: 99c

Special K Crackers
Retail: $1.99 (until 12/12)
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 99c

Wheat Thins, 10 oz
Retail: $2
Coupon: $1 from 11/8 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: $1

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
Retail: $1.50

Coupon: $1.00/2 from 11/22 SS (exp 1/16/10)
Total: $1 ea

Retail: $2
Coupon: $1 from 11/8 SS (exp 12/31)
Total: $1

Yo Plus Yogurt
Retail: $2.04
Coupon: $1 from 11/8 SS (exp 1/2/10)
Total: $1.04

Laffy Taffy Candy Canes -- $1.66
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: $1.16 ea

Stash Tea -- $1.66
Coupon: 50c printable (zip 90210)
Total: $1.16

Pillsbury Crescents, 8ct
Retail: 3/$5 (until 12/26)
Coupon: $1/2 printable (ff link)
Total: $1.17 ea

Swanson Chicken Broth 32 oz
Retail: $1.50 (until 11/28)
Coupon: 60c/2 from 11/8 SS (exp 12/20)
Total: $1.20 ea

Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes
Retail: $1.64
Coupon: 40c printable
Total: $1.24

Sesame Street Solo 36ct 9 in plates, 30 ct 12 in bowls, 64ct 5 oz bathroom cups and 18 ct 9 oz cups with lids and straws
Retail: price cut for $1.99 until 12/5.
Coupon: 75c printable coupon (ff link)
Total: $1.24 ea!

Betty Crocker Warm Delights
Retail: $1.67
Coupon: 40c printable
Total: $1.27

Milk Bone Essentials Plus Biscuits
Retail: $3.29
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: $1.29

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
Retail: $1.72
Coupon: 40c printable
Total: $1.32

Rice Krispies
Retail: $1.88 ea
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: $1.38 ea

Juice Juice 8pk boxes
Retail: $1.95
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: $1.45

Nexcare Mickey Bandages 25ct
Retail: $1.97
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: $1.47 ea

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with icing
Retail: 3/$5 (until 12/26)
Coupon: 40c/2 printable
Total: $1.47 ea

Bagel Bites 9 ct -- $2.49
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: $1.49

Keebler Townhosue Flip Sides
Retail: $2
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: $1.50 ea

Red Baron Singles Flatbread Melts
Retail: $2.50
Coupon: $1 from 10/11 RP (exp 12/20)
Total: $1.50

Clean & Clear Deep Exfoliating Scrub or Daily Pore Cleaner, 5 oz
Retail: $3.54
Coupon: $2 printable (ff link)
Total: $1.54

Corn Chex 14 oz., Rice Chex 12.8 oz., Wheat Chex 14 oz., Honey Nut Chex 13.8 oz., Chocolate Chex 14.25 oz
Retail: $2.04
Coupon: $1/2 printable from here, here or here
Total: $1.54 ea

Tropicana 50 Orange Juice
Retail: $2.69
Coupon: $1 printable

Total: $1.69

Special K Cereal, 12 oz
Retail: $2.89
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: $1.89

Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Starter Kit
Retail: $5.99
Coupon: $4 printable (click on the "save over $11" banner image in the lower left hand box)
Total: $1.99

Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds Toy (Christmas version)
Retail: $6.99
Coupon: $5 printable (make sure you look for the one that says spud bud on it)
Total: $1.99

Womens Nivea Body Wash (with bonus key chain and some have peelies for free lip saver)
Retail: $3.99
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: $1.99

Bella Sara Trading Cards
Retail: $2.99
Coupon: 15% off one
Total: $2.54

Trio Christmas blocks
Retail: $4.99
Coupon: Save $5 wyb $10 worth printable
Total: $2.49 ea

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Starter Kit
Retail: $11.99
Coupon: Use the $3 from 11/1SS AND $5 Target gift card coupon from the 11/15 SS (exp 12/27)
Total: $3.99

DiGiorno Ultimate Pizza
Retail: $5.99
Coupon: $1.50 printable
Total: $4.49

Mr. Potato Head
Retail: $6.99
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: $4.99

Glade Force Flex Trash Bags
Retail: $6.99 for 38 ct box
Coupons: $1 printable (ff link) AND $1 Target printable (zip 90210)
Total: $4.99

PlaySkool Lullaby Gloworm
Retail: $9.99
Coupon:$3 printable
Total: $6.99

Gerber 2 pack Sleeper
Retail: $8
Coupon: $2/2 printable
Total: $7 ea

Dino - Roars Hatchlings
Retail: $13.49
Coupon: $5 printable
Total: $8.49

Hasbro PlaySkool Activity Ball
Retail: $15.99
Coupon: $5 printable
Total: $10.99

Hasbro PlaySkool Musical Sit 'n Spin
Retail: $21.99
Coupon: $10 printable
Total: $11.99

Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase
Retail: $17.99
Coupon: $5 printable
Total: $12.99

Hasbro PlaySkool Step Start Walk 'n Ride
Retail: $18.99
Coupon: $5 printable
Total: $13.99

Hasbro Playskool Tumble 'n Twirl Top
Reatil: $19.99
Coupon: $5 printable
Total: $14.99

Hasbro PlaySkool Busy Ball Popper
Retail: $19.99
Coupon: $5 printable
Total: $14.99

My Little Pony
Reatil: $5.64 for the single pony
Coupon: $5 off $20 purchase
Total: 4 for $17.56

See the master list of Target printables here.

See all the Target deals here.


Holly said...

Did you have Skippy peanut butter in your 10/4.

Holly said...

Did you have the skippy peanut butter for 10/4. I have looked and didn't see it.

Anonymous said...

question: Is it a 5 cent per bag used or just 5 cent total no matter how many bags? Today, the cashier only gave me 5 cents off and I used 3 bags. Just wondering. Thanks!

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Holly we didn't get the coupon here in Birmingham. :( I don't know why the coupons have to vary so much by location.

Briar - I actually don't know. I am going to ask around and find you the answer though. :)

Anonymous said...

I work at Target... it is 5 cents off per bag. It is printed right on the thing they scan and it DOES NOT have to be a Target bag

Holly said...

I think I will be writing skippy to see if some end up in the mail. You probably have already in your 5Aday, but I am not only writing your recent but working my way backwards on your 5 adays.

Anonymous said...

If I had paid attention I would have asked but I didn't look until I got home and didn't want to drive another 40 miles to go back.

Kristi said...

You are so lucky that your Target price adjusts coupons for the toiletries! Mine refuses to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous. I will double check and pay attention next time.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Thank you too! I really didn't know about the bag rule. :) said...

Wow that is some list!

Thanks for taking the time to link up, this is really great information!

Anonymous said...

Am just getting into the frugality~couponing 'band-wagon' and want to THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AND
for this incredible list!!!!
To say that I am grateful (and flabbergasted) is an understatement!
thankful for HIS workmanship, HveHope

Lissa said...

Sweet List! I'll definitely link up for this one and the Walmart!


amy said... have to thank the bloggers that actually went out and found these deals too...not just the ones that gather the info and post it.... :)

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Amy that's a good point. That reminds me that I need to add the disclaimer that 80% of these items were verified by me in person (last Wed). I go every other week to verify EVERY SINGLE DEAL. I figure I'll verify prices every 2 weeks because that is when Target releases their new coupons. :) Be sure you see my update posts for all the numerous Thank Yous. Not one single person can find all the deals. It's definitely a team effort. :)

rebecca said...

do the travel items count as a trial size
ie, if a coupon says not valid on trial size, does that mean you can't use it on travel items?

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Travel and Trial size are really the same thing. So if it says excludes trial size, you can't use it on the travel size. :(

Letty said...

WoW! I just wanted to tell you thanx a bunch for this outstanding list!! It is awesome that there are so many deals at Target. There is one literally around the corner from my house and I love to go and get a basket full of stuff for next to nothing!!! Thank you for your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the 55c/2 duncan hines cake mix coupon? Thanks.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

It is from the 10/11 SS. I will edit my post. Thanks for pointing that out!

A. M. Newsom said...

I teach Coupon Makeover Classes and always am looking for great matchups for my readers! I linked to your post on my site...

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

Kristin ~ just found your blog through AThriftyMom .... what a wonderful list!! I love finding one great blog through another great blog !!! I am going to go try some of these deals and then link back to you both, tyvm!

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Thanks for the compiling of this list! Good job.

Anonymous said...

what does ss and rp mean? I have seen posts like 10/14 ss. I am new to this coupon thing and don't know what the appreviations mean. Thanks

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

SS means Smart Source and RP means Red Plum. 10/14 SS would mean the coupon came from the October 14th Sunday paper and is found in the Smart Source insert. :)

Anonymous said...

First - thanks for this list! Awesome job!
Second - Are you using a certain zip code to get the coupons for the Ice Age and Horton Hears a Who DVDs? I'm not seeing them when I use the link listed. Thanks!!

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

It looks like the coupons are no longer available. :(

Anonymous said...

Where can you find Scotties Tissue? I have the coupons for them but cant find them anywhere??

Jess said...

The target printable for the whiskas/purina cat treats are actually manufacturers coupons, so we can't stack :(

DearEs' said...

It seems the target force flex Q is gone. I tried my zip & 90210, but got nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

Joyce said...

Okay...I am heading out tomorrow to Target to get my FREEBIES and next to nothing stuff. i'm still a little confused about the "one per transaction" rule. I know for manufacture coupons it just means one per item(s) in the sale....but what about the Target web coupons. Does it mean if I want to buy two paCks of the command hooks for .14...i have to make them seperate orders....or is it like the manf. coupons?

Also, in the Scrubbing bubbles I have to have a coupon for the $5 gift card. it was not in my SS insert:-(

Thanks! Joyce

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...


Hope that Target won't enforce the one per transaction rule (a lot don't) but be prepared in case they do. Just tell them you will split your order in half if they tell you they need to limit it. Good luck!


waYne waGner said...

i was able to get the Trio blocks in the Christmas section for free with the $5 off coupon...the cashier just pushed the q on through even though it beeped. so, ymmv!! :) so i got 2 of them!

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