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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All You Magazine


All You is a magazine that is sold exclusively at Walmart or by subscription (Try 2 trial issues HERE). The magazine costs $2.34 but contains $73 worth of coupons in it. There is a coupon in the current issue (cover is above) for a FREE Jack Link's Buffalo Chicken Nuggets (up to a $7.67 value). This coupon will more then pay for the cost of the magazine!

Here is some interesting information from the current issue.

1. The current value of unused items in the average household is $670. Have a yard sale and sell everything you can't live without.

2. Take all the unnecessary items out of your car and you could save up to $119 worth of gas in a year.

3. Keep your fridge and pantry organized. The average family throws away $72 worth of food a month!

4. If you want to cut down the amount you spend on going out to eat, do it gradually. If you spend $200 a month, make your first month's goal $150, then $100 the next month and so on. You have a better chance of success by doing this.

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