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Monday, July 13, 2009

Free 6x8 Photobook at CVS

This deal is now dead.

This week at CVS you can get the 10 page 6x8 photobook for $7.99 and get back $7.99 Extra Care Bucks. The ad states limit 1 but the limit is actually 5!



I have made one book. I used Disney pictures and I made it for my daughter. A great idea is to make these and give them out as Christmas presents. This will help your Disney fund because it will mean less presents to buy at Christmas!

Tips on the photo books:
  • You cant make these online and pay in the store, they have to be made at the kiosk in the store.
  • Plan your book at home to make your time in the store shorter. The first page holds only 1 pic and the other 9 can hold up to 4 pictures ea. So you'll need 10 to 27 photos total. have your photos numbered in some way so you can know what pics you want on what pages if order matters to you.
  • Have the pictures you want for your book burned to a cd, uploaded to a USB drive or have them on your card from your camera.
  • Edit your pictures, if you can, before you go. Crop, rotate, red eye fix, etc.
Once you put your cd, drive or card in the kiosk choose "photo books" and then "6x8" to get the special ECB deal. You are able to choose the background of your pages, add text to the pages and increase/decrease photo sizes. Once you're done you will go through a confirmation process and your pages will print shortly after and then the Lab tech will put your book together.

Thanks to Nicole's Nickels and Mama B

If you have never shopped at CVS and want to take advantage of this deal, here's what you need to know.

Go to CVS and get an Extra Care Card. Make 1 book and pay cash for it. On the bottom of your receipt will print a coupon for $7.99 that can be spent on anything in the store including more photo books. Make up to 5 books and pay with them using your extra care buck coupon. Just pay for one at a time. You will end up with 5 photobooks and $7.99 left to spend on anything you want.

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