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Friday, July 31, 2009

Frugal Tips 7.31.09


Daily Frugal Tips:

1. Use reusable plastic containers instead of plastic baggies for food.

2. Take a handful of condiments when you eat at a fast food restaurant, and use the extras you have left at home.

3. Try shaving your legs with conditioner instead of shaving cream. You can buy a bottle of the cheapest conditioner and it will last a while! Skin feels silky smooth.

4. Use an old Kleenex box as a plastic shopping bag dispenser.

5. Do you love burning smelly candles? Put the candle in the freezer for 24 hours beforehand. This will cause the wax to burn more slowly, making the candle last twice as long!

Want more frugal tips? Follow this thread on the Disboards.

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