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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Entertainment Book -- Get one for as cheap as $10.99 (or $5.99 if you are a new cash back member)

According to the National Restaurant Association, the typical American household spends an
average of $2,434.00 on eating outside the home. Wow! That is as much as a trip to Disney costs! One of the greatest ways to add to your Disney budget is to save on your dining out expenses.

The books are currently $19.99 each and you get free shipping.

Plus you can go through Ebates and earn $9 cash back or Shop at Home and earn $7 cash back. And if you are a new member, you will get a $5 bonus on top of the cash back!

Before you order your book, you should read this e-book by Julie Parrish. You should never go into any purchase blind, and her 21 page book will help you learn the best way to use your coupon book and how to save the most off your dining out budget. Julie purchases 3 books a year for $60 and saves her family of five almost $4,000! That's incredible!

I bought an Entertainment Book about 3 years ago and saw tremendous savings. I like that they offer online discounts as well as the coupons in the book. If you are curious about what coupons are in the book, I have seen them at CVS and Walgreens (but they cost $25 there!)


Kandi V said...

I use it to save on my car washes and grocery shopping-they are awesome!

Anna said...

Thank you for this great tip. I ordered mine tonight and ebates said my cash back was $9 not $6 so really I got it for $10.99!!! Woohoo!!!

Staying Lean said...

We got one last year someone gave us for free and really didn't use it that much my husband thought it was a waste. However I wasn't a heavy couponer then so I think I will try again this year.

Monica said...

Walgreens has had a $10 off coupon about everyweek the last few weeks in their ad, making it $15.

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