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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Frugal Tips 8.5.09


Daily Frugal Tips:

1. Place a rubber band on the neck of a pump bottle. This keeps kids from being able to push the head of the pump all the way down, but still releases an adequate amount of soap.

2. Save your plastic containers with lids to send leftovers home with guests. (Such as cool whip or butter containers)

3. Get a second shower rod and hang it in your shower. You can use it to hang clothes to dry and can even pull the curtain closed so guests do not see them. Simply slide the rod out of your way when not in use.

4. Don't wash your towels after every use. If you like, you can throw them in the dryer to fluff up between showers. Wash after about 3 showers though.

5. Blot your razor blade dry with a towel after using. By drying it quicker, you prevent rusting which is the main culprit of razor blade dullness. A razor blade could potentially go from being good for just 2 weeks to being good for 6 months! Read more about that here!

Want more frugal tips? Follow this thread on the Disboards.


Ron Thibeault said...

Hi, I'm Lee Ann (Palavra on Disboards)
I really like the concept of your blog. We are also saving for Disney by using coupons, buying at consignment shops, using CVS deals, etc. I'll definitely be keeping up with your blog.

Good luck on saving for Disney!

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