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Monday, September 28, 2009

CVS $5/$25 New Links!

CVS has a flu quiz on their website that will give you access to a $5/$25 printable coupon after you complete it. You can only print this coupon once. (Each coupon has a specific bar code and it can only be redeemed one time.)

But here are 3 different links where you can complete the quiz and print off a $5/$25. They will all have different bar codes!

$5/$25 #1

$5/$25 #2

$5/$25 #3

Be sure to verify that the 3 bar codes are different. They were all different for me!

You can use multiple $5/$25 on your card as long as the bar codes are unique.

Be sure to check out the various ways to save at CVS.


Olga Garber said...

The CVS sites have worked for me in the past but not now - what happened?

Anonymous said...

Is this still an active coupon? I go to the site, but find no quiz.

Anonymous said...

When I printed out my $5 coupons for taking the flu quiz, all 3 had the expiration date of 10/25 on them. I think the promotion is now over.

Anonymous said...

where are the quizes on the website

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