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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Free Boxes from the Post Office!

Photobucket Did you know that the post office will deliver their boxes (such as the Priority Flat Rate Boxes) to your house for free? You can order up to 500 of each type of box. (The minimum is 10 boxes). It takes about 7 to 10 business days to arrive, and it's totally free! (Boxes and delivery is free!)

Go here to pick out your boxes!

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Stacy S said...

Thanks for the reminder! I just ordered my boxes.

Regina said...

Probably a stupid question-the boxes themselves are free or just the delivery?

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Not a stupid question. The boxes and the delivery is all free. :)

Anonymous said...

Also, print & pay for your postage online & get free tracking. Plus, postage for sending flat rate envelopes & boxes is a bit cheaper.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the postoffice make sure and ask for the ones you want. Brother got wrong boxes and had to pay for the wrong boxes and more of postage.

emily's chacha said...

The boxes and delivery are free but I feel it should be stated that they are *only* to be used to ship things via Priority Mail, NOT to send things via regular post, or via FedEx, or UPS, or to store things in your shed.

Shae said...

about two weeks ago i orderd almost 200 boxes for my business I run.. Free boxes and free delivery a week later! LOVE IT~!

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