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Monday, October 19, 2009

$5 Target gift card when you buy 5 Glade Holiday Scent items (potential $22.50 money maker!)

Glade holiday scent candle tins, new holiday scented glass holders and holiday refills are on sale at Target for $2.50. You get a $5 gift card when you buy 5. This promotion is valid 10/18/09 to 12/26/09 and you will likely find these items on an end cap in your store.

Here's the various deal scenarios. Pick the one that works best for you with the coupons you have.

Buy (5) holiday scented Glade candle tins
Buy (5) holiday scented Glade refills
Use (5) $1.50 off a scented candle tin (found inside the tins themselves)
Use (5) Buy a holder get a free refill blinkie (found in various Grocery stores)
Total: $5 and receive (2) $5 gift cards for buying 10 holiday scented Glade items.
$5 Money Maker!!

Buy (3) holiday scented Glade candle tins
Buy (2) holiday scented Glade refills
Use (3) $1.50 off a scented candle tin (found inside the tins themselves)
Use (2) Buy a holder get a free refill blinkie (found in various Grocery stores)
Total: $3 and receive (1) $5 gift card for buying 5 holiday scented Glade items.

Buy (4) holiday scented Glade candle tins or refills
Buy (1) holiday scented Glade refills
Use (2) $2/2 Glade Scented Oil Candle Products from 9/20 SS (exp 10/31)
Use (1) Buy a holder get a free refill blinkie (found in various Grocery stores)
Total: $6 and get a $5 gift card for buying 5 holiday scented Glade items.

Buy (5) holiday scented Glade candle tins
Use (5) $1.50 off a scented candle tin (found inside the tins themselves)
Total: $5 and get a $5 gift card!

Buy (2) holiday scented Glade candle tins or glass holders
Buy (3) holiday scented Glade refills
Use (2) $2 off any Glade Scented Oil Holder (exp 3/31/10) found inside Glade products in 2008
Use (2) Buy a holder get a free refill blinkie (found in various Grocery stores) or the printable located here
Use (1) Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill packs, buy 2 and get 1 free up to $3.99 (exp 3/31/10)
Total: $1 and get a $5 Gift Card for buying 5 holiday scented Glade items.

(5) Glade Scented Oil Holders and (5) Scented oil Refills
Coupon: (5) Glade Scented Oil Refill Pack, FREE wyb any Glade Scented Oil Candles Holder from 11/1 SS (exp 12/19)
Total: $12.50 and get 2 $10 gift cards.

Insert coupons for this deal:
Glade Scented Oil Candles Refill Packs B2G1 from 11/1 SS (exp 12/19)
Glade Scented Oil Refill Pack, FREE wyb any Glade Scented Oil Candles Holder from 11/1 SS (exp 12/19)
(If you know of more that work, let me know!)

On top of all that... you can submit for the $5 SC Johnson Rebate (limit 3 submissions per household) to turn this into a nice moneymaker! (If you did scenario #1 at least 3 times (you need 3 separate receipts) and submitted this rebate the limit of 3 times, you would make a $22.50 profit!)

You can also get a free Holiday MP3 Download with every Glade holiday scent you buy this season.

* You can buy more than 5 Glade items in one transaction and receive a gift card for each set. For instance, if you bought 15 Glade items in one transaction, you would receive (3) $5 gift cards. You can not use the gift cards you are given during a transaction to pay for that transaction. But you can use it to pay for your next transaction.

* If this deal is not marked in your store, scan the holiday Glade item at the price checker machine. It should read on the display that you receive a $5 gift card. This deal is not advertised in the weekly circular. It is an in-store promotion.

A variation of this deal was out last winter at Target. I got so many great candles with it. I'm so excited to see it again!

You can see all the Target deals here.


Brenda Z. said...

this is awesome! great for add ons to little christmas gifts and I get to make $ off it! :-)

Angie.... said...

Awesome! and a money maker double

Savingabundle said...

I was happy to be able to share this with my readers as well-thank you!

Anonymous said...

Since we need to submit the original receipt for the SC Johnson rebate, how can we submit it 3 times if we did only transaction 1?

Kristin said...

I might need to rephrase it. You would have to do transaction #1 3 times in order to submit for the rebate 3 separate times.

Rachel said...

Sadly, our Target was already picked over so I couldn't do it. :(

Robin said...

When doing one of these deals at Target to get a gift card can you buy 10 of these items in one transaction and get 2 gift cards or do you have to do it in two transactions to get two cards? Thanks Robin

AC said...

@Robin - you can do it all in one transaction and receive (1) $5 giftcard per every 5 glade holiday items. However, if you want to submit for the SC Johnson rebate, you need to have 3 separate receipts, so will need to do 3 separate transactions.

goosemonkey said...

Hi. Two questions. First, the "Buy a holder get a free refill" printable says that it excludes the 3-pack refill (even though that is what is pictured and even though I couldn't find any alternative refill pack). Has anyone had trouble getting this for free?

Also, with the rebates, can you have multiple receipts per rebate (ex. 2 candles on one receipt, and one candle on another) or do all three items need to be on one receipt?


Erin said...

If I buy 5 tins and 5 refills, can I use 5 B1G1 coupons and 5 $2/2 coupons?

Anonymous said...

Goosemonkey, that was my first question, about how my printed coupon says its excluding the trio pack but what the heck else are there? Has it worked fine for everyone else?
let us know! whatta deal!

Kristin said...

Robin - the register will prompt the cashier to issued a $5 gift card after each five that are rang up. You could buy 100 glade and get 20 gift cards in one transaction. But the key is to buy less per transaction and use a previous gift card to pay for it to keep your out of pocket low.

AC - Thanks for your help!

Erin - You couldn't use the 5 $2/2 and the B1G1 coupons together because the B1G1 covers all 5 of the refills. You only have the 5 candles left that need coupons. You could, at most, use (2) $2/2 coupnos and 5 B1G1. I hope that makes sense. Think of it as actually laying the coupons on top of the items. You put all the B1G1 on top of the refills, now just the candles are left. If that doesn't make sense, send me an email. :)

Kristin said...

Goosemonkey - You can submit receipts for the rebate. You only have to buy 3 items though. :)

Erin said...

It makes sense now! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I just did this transaction at a southern california Target and it turned out badly. I should have politely canceled the transaction when the first thing out of the cashier's mouth when she saw me taking the coupons out of the tin was, " You don't technically own those yet, so you cannot use those coupons for these items." Then she said she would do me a favor and take them this time. Next, she said I could not use the B1G1 coupons since that was doubling up. After the manager came over, I elected to take off the $1.50 coupons she graciously allowed me to first use and instead use the B1G1. To top it all off, I only received one $5 giftcard even though I had 10 Glade items....her response was, "If we allowed it, then we would be paying you to take these." Before I got in line, I tried the cashier profiling, but I should have known better since I saw the Target mascot stuffed dog on top of her register. (In her case, this meant that she had sold a bunch of extra stuff to customers and had earned it.) This is not the first time I have gotten my hopes up and then been crushed at the Target in Redlands, Ca. So my lessons learned have been: trust your gut, don't use coupons with cashiers who want to promote, and lastly, stop shopping at this particular Target.

Crockett said...

I don't think our target has put all of them on the shelves yet. Does anyone know if they keep the shelves pretty much stalked throughout the season since it is a long promotion they are doing?

Anonymous said...

I checked it out today at my target and in order to get the $1.50 coupons inside the candle holders you must literally open the package to get them out. Something to me says that's just not the way to go about it. I dunno, maybe I will buy five first then get the coupons and use the bogo refill coupons.

jenny said...

there werent any coupons in tins, just coupons in glass holders, to get out coupons you'd have to tear the cardboard. Is this whats going on everywhere or did someone swipe the ones out of all the tins???

Kristin said...

Somebody must of swiped them all out of the tins already. The tins are very easy to open. It's just popping off the lid. :(

Anonymous said...

What should I do?!

I went and tried to buy 3 candles and 3 refills with the $1.50 off coupons and the bogo coupons and they told me I could NOT use the bogo coupons! :(

What do you suggest?

laceyamanda said...

I'm really excited about this one! Thanks for posting it!

I just made sure I took the coupons out of the tins before I got to the register so the cashier didn't hassle me about it. I think as far as that "you don't technically own these" comment goes though I would point out that they don't technically sell them either because that is illegal and it says so right on the coupon.

Anyways I got 10 tins and 5 refills for $15 out of pocket and got 3 $5 gift cards back and submitted all 3 receipts for the $5 rebate (I did separate transactions). What an awesome deal!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me which target they went to and if it worked for them? I went to my Target in Boynton yesterday and I got my 5 candle holders and 5 refills.. I was able to use both sets of coupons but my cashier did not know anything about this deal, so I e-mailed Target and they are going to research it but need to know the City, State and Store where this worked ! ANy help would be greatly appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

does anyone remember the 3.50 off printable glade coupons that were out there a while back? would those work on these candles? My target is notoriously stingy with deals, doing things like putting new barcode stickers over items that were supposed to be clearanced out so they can still sell at full price. When i checked into this deal at the store there were NO TINS, nor any spot for them. so im wondering if i could use two of the 3.50 off to purchase three candles and use two of the bogos to get two free refills. advice?

Travise said...

I need the UPC code on the refill package if anyone has it!!! None of the refills in our store Rock Hill, SC show as promo has the HBAC lady scan each of them...been working this deal since last week and none of the refills are showing..thanks email me

christie c. said...

My target had the candles for $2.99....this makes it $7.50 for 5:( Is anyone else seeing that at theirs? I didn't get my g.c. either.
I'm gonna return them all and try again.

Anonymous said...

Ok,so I have done this deal a few times make sure you are buy holiday holders or tins there is only two something berry and apple cinnamon I buy 5 candle holders and 5 refills use 5/1.50 off and the b1G1 =5 SO U should pay $6.37 1 time and get (2)$5 card after that it is a huge MM do the deal again use q's and (1) gc pay $1.37 get back (2)$5 gc and submit for $5 rebate!!!:)

kitty said...

I'm in S. California. The first target I went to wasn't good. I tried to do #1 above...She "let me slide" with the coupons from the tin. When she saw the multiple Q's printed for the free refill, she would only let me use one. She went on about claiming that too many people are using these (internet coupons), taking advantage of them because they are free (how else do you get coupons other then paying for them in a newspaper, or on ebay or another coupon site, KWIM?) I did get my $10 GC, and had to pay OOP, but it was still a good deal because....I ended up going to another target and doing a slightly different transaction...I bought 3 tins, and 2 refills...I used 2 free refill q's when you buy a holder, a $2/2 (from the glass holders), and a $1.50/1 (inside the tin). My OOP was $4 plus tax...but at least it was less than $5 and I was able to roll this for a total of 3 transactions (in addition to the one above). All in all, after taxes and postage for my SC Johnson rebates, I still made $6+. SO I'm a happy person with a nice smelling room =)

Anonymous said...

I was trying to do it yesterday and today at different Target, but they don't know about this deal and no gift card pop up on the screen so they cannot give me gift card at all. Does anyone know if this is go for any states and any stores or just certain states and locations??????

Anonymous said...

I live in Iowa and I did the 5 and 5 deal and it worked just fine. They didn't have a sign about any of the $5 GC but at the checkout it worked fine.

Anonymous said...

Went to my Target and ALL the tins had the coupon removed, I guess so folks could use them on the glass ones and then get ANOTHER one from those to use yet again! Why do some people have to ruin all the fun?!

Holly said...

Hello. I am in NC and I literally just got home from purchasing them; my transaction went perfectly. ALL of the tins were void of the $1.50 coupons, so there must be a thief lurking. So... I ended up buying (6) glass holders for $2.50/each (the glass holders contain "save $2/2 holders" which is why I got 6. I bought 5 refills and used (1) B1G1 coupon on those. I received (2) $5 GC's and I will mail in the rebate for an additional $5. Not too shabby! :) $4 OOP, I believe. Oh, and I will return to do this again, but this time, I will be using one of my GC's rather than pay OOP.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this is a regional thing? I don't think so, but, I did make sure to get the holiday tins and did everything right and still no gift card. The cashier and manager both did not know what I was talking about and Guest Services said that since it was an in-store promotion they didn't have any information on it. Any ideas on what to do? Hate to miss this great deal, especially with all the coupons I have, I'd be paying practically nothing.

Anonymous said...

To make this promotional work you first have to make sure the Target is doing the promotion. I live in Northern California and every Target that I have visted had the tins in a seperate area with the promotion clearly marked on the shelves. If you do not see the promtion with the $5 GC offered I would ask at customer service firt before buying the tins. Also, I too took out the coupons of the tins I was buying. I don't see anyting wrong with that. I don't take coupons out of tins I don't intend to buy. I was able to completed this transation 3 times at 3 different Targets. Each time I have made $6+ dollars and gotten the tins and the refills for free. My advise is to have your coupons out in the open, go to a friendly looking cashier, don't be afraid to ask for a manager if the cashier won't accept your coupons or if you don't want to hold up the line simply take your purchases to the customer service. I have found customer service to be great at getting coupons to go through. And people in line expect a little bit of a wait.

Anonymous said...

When is this deal over? I read somewhere that someone said it was over this Saturday, or today, but I thought it was good thru Dec. 26!
Also, when using both the free refill wyb a candle q, and the 1.50 off the candle q, it's a good idea to use the bogo free refill wyb candle qs first. Those qs always require more attention and the cashier has to enter the amount of the refills in. Also, the cashier must press K1, even though everthing is fine. Then the $1.50 qs scan just fine. But if you do the bogo qs last, when they are required to override it by pressing K1, some picky cashiers may say that you can't use this q because you've already used the ones on the candles.
And, in general coupon use, I always will give a cashier a bogo q first, as it often has to be overridden even though everything you're buying qualifies. Cover girl bogo qs come to mind.

Kristin said...

It doesn't expire until 12/26. It just happened to be in this week's sale paper. That's wehre the confusion is from.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I so love your blog. I missed where the bogo coupons came from. Where do I find those?

Anonymous said...

Silly me, I didn't word my question correctly, it wasn't the bogo coupon but the b2g1.

Kristin said...

The B2G1 came from inside Glade packages. :)

Alisha said...

I tried this deal last night, however when I went to scan the candles to make sure I was buying the right things, the candle tin and the glass jar candles said receive a $5 GC but the refill packs did not, and neither did the sign above the refill pks, so I had to re configure my plan I bought 4 4oz jars and 1 tin and 1 refill, used (2)$1.50/2 jar q, (1)$1.50/1 tin + Buy the tin get the refill free q. Paid $8.00 and got a $5 GC. I was going to do it twice but with my refill pk coupons. I may try another Target and see if there store is different and includes the refill pks. My cashier was awesome, and I even gave her your site so she could learn all the good deals too. She was very eager to learn.

Jasmine said...

I went to Target tonight (12/16) and there was no "Glade Deal" going on. All tins was regular price @ $2.94e and there was No giftcard offer! Is there an advertisement anywhere to pull up for this. I'd really like to take advantage of this if it is truly still available.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...


Its only good on the holiday scents. Take one of them to the scanner machine and scan it and see if it tells you that it's $2.50 and you get a gift card. It should.... :)


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