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Friday, October 09, 2009

Family Movie Night with Snow White

I started buying Disney movies for my children as soon as I got married (my daughter was born 3 years into the marriage) because of the fact Disney locks their movies in the vault for years at a time.

Snow White was a movie we didn't have and I was really intrigued to hear that it was being released in a DVD / Blu Ray combo pack. (You get 2 copies of the movie!). So when UPS delivered it earlier this week, I couldn't believe my luck... One 2 One Network had sent me this amazing movie for free!

We were lucky enough to meet the real Snow White on our trip to Disney last May. Emily fell in love with her and can't wait to see her again. So when I received the movie, I thought it would be a great time to start our Disney Family Movie Nights. Movie Nights are a great way to ignite the Disney spirit in your family and keep it burning throughout the whole year.

For the movie night I printed off a Snow White craft, purchased a red table cloth (to match her dress), found a package of jewels at Michaels (since the 7 Dwarfs were miners) to create a mining activity and found the cutest popcorn dishes at The Dollar Tree. My kids and my nephew could barely contain their excitement when they found out we were having a Snow White Party.

We started off the evening by making the craft. Emily made Snow White, my nephew made a dwarf and Jacob made a knight. They did a great job except Jacob decided to put all the pieces of his knight on the inside of the tube! Gotta love a 2 year old's creativity.

For dinner I wanted to do something easy. Ideally I would of made a German meal, but since it was just the kids and me tonight I decided to make something I knew they would eat. So I made Pigs in a Blanket for the first time. The kids laughed and gobbled it all up.

They ate quickly though because they were excited to do the mining activity. I filled 3 bowls with rice and hid a variety of jewels in the rice. I expected Jacob to make a mess and not be interested in finding any of the jewels. I was shocked to discover that he was the one who was most interested and my daughter lost interest before she even found half of her jewels. Jacob found every single one of his and the rest of hers!

Finally it was time to watch the movie. I was really interested when I heard that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was being released in a limited edition Blu-ray & DVD combo pack (you get a copy of the movie in each version!). We don't own a Blu-ray player and I have never really given it much consideration. I figured it was no better than a DVD player. I was very surprised to discover that Blu-ray discs are actually up to 6x better quality than a DVD, are scratch resistant and have 7.1 surround sound! Blu-ray players can play both DVDs and Blu-rays and if you have a Playstation 3 there is no need to have a seperate Blu-ray player because it can play the movies!

Blu-ray Combo Pack Features:

Picture & Sound

  • First time ever in high definition 7.1 sound
  • Disneyview – expanded viewing experience
  • All-new Music Video

Disney Family Play
  • What Do You See? - Decipher the scambled image
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Which princess are you most like?
  • Jewel Jumble – test your matching skills

Backstage Disney
  • Snow White Returns – Newly discovered storyboards. Was Walt planning a sequel?
  • Hyperion Studios – Explore Walt’s original studio
  • The One That Started It All – See how Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs forever changed the world of movies

Classic Bonus Features
  • Dopey’s Wild Mine Ride Game
  • “Heigh-Ho” Karaoke Sing-along
  • Disney through the decades
  • And More!

We had a blast with Family Movie Night. It was great to share a movie that was such a big part of my childhood with my children and I was amazed at how great it sounded and how clear the picture was. It was a major improvement over our VHS copy. Thank you again One2One network for giving me a great opportunity to review this movie and incorporate it into a family movie night!

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