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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free Redbox Rental Code


Here are 3 Redbox rental codes that might or might not work. I'm really not sure.



Let me know if these work for you!

Don't know what a Redbox is? Check out the details here.

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Spectacular Savings said...

I enjoyed my movie last night! Thanks!

amy said...

This code was in the grocery ad for Dillon's in Wichita, KS (Dillon's is owned by Kroger). The code is valid at "select locations." good from 11/9 - 11/26

Kristin said...

Thanks Amy!

amy said...

No problem.

I'm actually a follower of Amy's blog and i've been enjoying your posts this week! so i'm looking forward to following you as well! :D

Lindy H said...

It worked for me at Food Lion today! Thanks!

Briar Rose said...

I signed up for the texts and have never gotten them. :(

Anonymous said...

SNSV26 redbox code worked at walmart Cornelia , Ga. 12-10-09. Thank You

Haidy said...

Does anyone know if you can return the movie at a different location, specifically a different state??
I am planning a 9 hour trip this Friday and I would like the kids to watch a couple of movie during the trip, can I return these movies when I get to my destination?

Cathy said...

I used the code GANTS9 at wal-mart the other day and it worked for me. I love my free movies and so do my kids. Thanks for the other 2 free codes.

Click Clan said...

Haidy: can return it to any redbox in any state at any time!!!

Haidy said...

Thank you!!
THat would be amazing deal and hopefully my kids will let me pay attention to the road.
One last thing, I have never used a code before on those machines, will it prompt me to enter a code or something?

Staying Lean said...

Gants9 did not work for me last night at Kroger's in MI. I think it may be expired. Looks like it is starting to get a lot of red on inside redbox as well. I plan on trying the other two today does anyone know expiration dates?

Haidy at the front page you can press a button at the bottom that says rent with a promo code. Also if you forget when you are at check out there is a button for enter promo code.

Joyce said...

They both worked at Walagreens Redbox in opelika, AL! Thanks!

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