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Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Ready For Christmas Cards!

Get 140 personalized adhesive address labels free from Vista Prints (just pay $3.06 shipping). Choose hair color, eye color, nose shape, mouth shape, skin color (even freckles) and more for each family member - including pets!

Click on address labels and then select the label with the family on it. It will then take you to a window to pick the family members you want for you labels! I can't wait to order mine!

Thanks Amy for pointing these out to me!


Anonymous said...

Just this past week, Wal-mart released a statement saying that they would start having "limited time price rollbacks on items lasting one week at a time". Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't every other store in America call these weekly price cuts "WEEKLY SALES"! Leave it to Wal-mart to try to make them having weekly sales into a "big 'to-do' about nothing". Just goes to prove that they aren't the "lowest price" in town if they have resorted to having weekly sales!!! Anyone who's a coupon shopper knows that better deals come from shopping more than just Wal-mart.

Kristin said...

HAHA a cashier and I were just talking about this today at Walmart. They keep giving the most ordinary things funny names. ;)

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