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Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Bedroom

I have been going non stop all day organizing and cleaning. I am so exhausted. But I wanted to share pictures of my bedroom with you! I just took these tonight. Don't pay attention to the photos in the frames. I haven't put new pictures in them, I just hung them on the wall.

This is the king size bed my mother gave us. The bedding and curtains cost me $84 from Macy's (Martha Stewart). The stars were on clearance at Walgreens for $1 a year ago and the clock was 75% off.

This piece of furniture was my best bargain. It is La-z-boy and I found it at the thrift store for $150. But I had a 50% off coupon so I gave $75 for it!

I found the entire bathroom set at a yard sale for $15. I was so excited because I just love this theme!

It is also starting to get colder in Alabama so I had to unpack the kids winter wardrobe. I have been cleaning and organizing and painting and going non stop since Wednesday. So I apologize again for my lack of blogging but I can't even begin to tell you how awesome and organized I feel! I feel so in control of my life and that is worth it's weight in gold. :)


Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? said...

I absolutely love it... so beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! I'm so jealous because my house is pure chaos right now as we are doing tons of renovations. I have no kitchen(literally. We do have a ceiling now and a couple walls and thats it) and my dining room just got new walls so I'm in the process of putting the mud on the walls. My master bedroom is also my kitchen with 2 6ft tables to hold all our food and microwave, taster, workspace, etc. My new master bath is my dishwashing room. I can't wait to be done too!! :)

Jamie said...

Looks great!! Our bedroom is painted the exact same color!

Lowbudget said...

This looks great. I love the Lazyboy piece of furniture. Although I don't have a piece like that, it is similar and I believe I am going to move that into our bedroom. Thanks for the idea and the post. Great job on the bathroom as well. I can recall years and years ago paying $60 bucks for one ceramic trash can for the bathroom. I am all about the $15 deal. :)

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