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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Rebates Available

One of the biggest ways I am paying for my trip to Disney World is by using rebates. My favorite site to see all the newest rebates is Coupons, Deals and More. She has an amazing list!

Here are some new hot rebates I am planning on doing:

Johnson and Johnson - Get a free gift when you buy bubble bath or lotion. (exp 12/1/09)

Marie Callendar Pasta Al Dente (free after rebate. Exp 11/30)

Pepperidge Farm Crackers (you have to find the rebate in store but this includes a coupon for $1 off)

YoCrunch Halloween Promo
(Exp 2 weeks after Halloween)

Yo Plus Yogurt switch for free (plus save $1) (Exp 12/31)


Holly said...

There is a Accu Check for Walgreens this week (Aviva monitor) has a rebate details are in the box, but there is a $10 off for it that I cut out of the paper circs. not to long ago.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I have a question. If I buy the peppridge farm cookies and the marie pasta meals on one reciept can i make copies of it to send? What if they do not specify if you have to send the original or not? I don't want to send a copy and end up with nothing. I have never done rebates so I'm interested in trying this. Thanks!

Kristin said...

Holly - Unfortunately if you use a coupon to pay for a diabetes monitor and submit the rebate, they won't let send you the money. This is the only product that has been discovered that does not pay if you use coupons.

If the form doesn't list the specific words 'original receipt' you can send a copy. :)

Anonymous said...

One more Q...does the peppridge farm cookie one have to be a specific cookie(is it something that is shown in the People mag) or any?

Kristin said...

The Pepperidge farm is for crackers but you have to find the form in the store. I found it at Target the other day. :)

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