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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tinker Bell Tote from Disney Movie Rewards

Become a fan of Tinker Bell on Facebook and you can enter the code "Tinkfan" on Disney Move Rewards and get this cute ------------->
Tinker Bell tote for free! (You do have to pay $3.25 S&H so it's not really free. They always have to get you somehow).

(Thanks Carol!)


Carol said...

you are very welcome! also thanks for the comment and add :) totally gonna add you back :) Your blog actually made me cry because i'm totally a sap and i love my kids soo so so so so SO much and i want to take them to disney but in my current situation of being an unemployed single mom i don't think i'll be able to make enough cash from my blog or find a job to pay me enough to take my children to disney. I"m going to try though - fortunately i have a little while before they'd really enjoy it but oh Lordy i'd love to take them like tomorrow - my daughter would die a thousand deaths and i'd hear her two year old shrieks for years "PINZESSES MOMMY PINSESSSS!!!!"


Thank you both so much for posting this offer. My granddaughter is a Tinkerbell fan and she will love this adorable tote.

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