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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today's Survey and Rewards Programs Updates

My Favorites (because they are the best and easiest!)

Mindfield - No surveys today.

My Survey - 2 screeners. 1 survey worth 75 points. I have 475 points. I need 1,000 points to qualify for a $10 check.

Reward Port - Clicked on 8 emails worth 5 points and 4 worth 3 points. (I did not do any point earning offers.) I have 1996 points. I need 7500 to get a $25 gift card to Walmart.

Send Earnings - Clicked on 5 emails worth 2 cents each. Current balance $10.48. Need $30 to cash out.

The Rest

American Consumer Opinion - 2 screeners.

Focus Forward - 1 screener.

LightSpeed - 2 attempted. 1 I didn't qualify for and the other I accidentally told it no. I cashed out recently so I have no points. I need 575 for get $5 in Paypal.

My Points - 2 emails worth 5 points each. I have 4147 points. I need 6750 for a $50 Rainforest Cafe Gift Card (for our trip!)

Opinion Outpost - 4 screeners. 1 survey worth 20 points. I have 600 points. Each 100 points equal $1 in gift cards. I am cashing out for $6 today! I got my code instantly!

Say Nation - 1 survey worth 20,000 points. I now have 8000 points. I need 22000 to get a $20 gift card.

Survey Head - 3 Screeners. 1 Survey worth $1.50. I currently have $23.50 and I have $3.50 pending. I need $25 to cash out.

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