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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 New Disney Movies Release Today!

$10 printable coupon for Santa Buddies on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. Remember this does include a copy of the DVD!

$5 printable coupon for the Snow White DVD that also releases today.

(Is it just me, or is this cover ugly?)

are some deals on the movies but there has been a lot of question over the Toys R Us deal. I'm going to do some investigating and report back.


Anonymous said...

Wanted to share - Hubby thought I was NUTS when I asked him to stop & pick Santa Buddies up on his way to work this morning. I told him they were going to sell out FAST.. Well he did & was there when they opened.. HIm & 4 other men were there to get the movie.. Due to the coupons Target told my husband they only had 2 (no joke) to sell at that price b/c of the coupon. My husband got one - YAY But wow Target is something else.. The sales guy told my DH they had heard about the coupon & with the sale that they were to only put out 2 a DAY to sell.. So glad I got one!!

Brooklyn said...

I went to Toys R Us this morning to get the Snow White and Santa Buddies movies. The deal worked, I bought both movies, used both coupons and got a $10 giftcard back.

Kim said...

Got mine today! Thanks! Also got the Aero Garden for hubby for Xmas.

Also, to let you know I mentioned your blog on my blog today as a "must read"!

Jennifer White Ramirez said...

Went to Toys R Us, and bought 2 copies of Snow White & 2 Copies of Santa Buddies. They both rang up at $19.99, then it took $4 off of each for the $8 off if you buy both deal. So, price showed up as $16.99. Then used my coupons, got my gift card. Total Price was $36, only $26 if you factor in the gift card. The manager acted like it would not have given me the $10 gift card if I'd only bought 2. BUT I'm not sure if that's right or not. I'm starting to think I should have just tried it. BTW, I'm in San Antonio, TX and there were lots of copies at 10 am.

Melissa said...

The ad on this is a bit misleading. The $24.99 and $16.99 that are posted in the ad are the prices AFTER $8 off. So, with coupons, you end up paying $26.98 OOP and then you get the $10 gift card.

Anonymous said...

Went to TRU. No Santa Buddies. No clue on when they'd receive it.


Went to Best Buy. Santa Buddies $24.99 + Snow White $16.99 - $8.00 when you purchase both. - $10 Santa Buddies mft. coupon - $5.00 Snow White mft. coupon - $18.98. Can send in for $5 rebate on Kernal Seasonings and $5 rebate when you buy Butterball turkey.

Sheree' Loves Couponing said...

Melissa sorry you had troubles doing this deal. :o(

I just got back from an early lunch at work to go to Toysrus and got the two movies ALL DEALS WORKED!

Paid $19 and change and got a $10 gift card!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Do you have to go to customer service to get the gift card, or is it automatic at the register?

I'm hoping to go to TRU tonight.. hope it works!

Brooklyn said...

They give you the gift card when you check out at the register.

Sarah said...

My TRU also said the "sale" prices were after the $8 off. I feel like the ad is misleading on that. I even used a self price-check in the aisles before I went to check out and the Snow White set rang up for $16.99. I was stil charged $19.99 at the register, though, and then they took $3 and change off, and $4 and change off the Santa Buddies. I questioned the manager about it and she was very rude. She claimed if I just bought Snow White I would have paid $19.99. I think she was wrong, but she was not cooperative of friendly. I should have gone through the register with just one to prove her wrong. Not so happy with my TRU experience tonight...

Anonymous said...

Everyone that is having problems with the $8.00 instant savings if they refuse to give it to you and say it's already included in the sale price, ask what they would have done if you bought snow white and the regular santa buddies because the difference in regular and sale price for those is only $6 total ($3.00 each) That right there shows it's not already reflected in the sale price! HTH

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