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Saturday, November 28, 2009 -- $1 subscription to Rolling Stone, etc with purchase! is currently offering a 12 issue subscription for just $1 to Rolling Stone, Men's Journal or US weekly.

Go here to see a list of DVDs on sale. Be sure to look for this promotion in the special offers section on the DVD's page. (It's beneath the Frequently Bought Items.

How to get a 12-issue subscription to Rolling Stone, Men's Journal or Us Weekly for only $1.00:

  1. Purchase any DVD shipped and sold by Amazon, products from third party sellers do not qualify for this offer.
  2. Checkout and pay for your order.
  3. You will notice a "Reward Applied -$0.00" at checkout. This shows that you qualified for the offer.
  4. After your product has shipped and is paid for, you will receive an email within 5 days to redeem the discounted subscriptions.
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Jenny G said...

I was wondering if I ordered 2 $5 subscriptions to Real Simple in separate orders to the same address..would the second renew teh first for a year? I noticed the 2 year subscription was not discounted, but thought maybe this would work since most subscriptions will renew with a second order. Never tried within days of an order though...

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