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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cheap Mr. Potato Head at Target

Go to and look for the coupon that says "Save $5 Playskool on the purchase of (1) Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds toy". Print 2 of them. If you don't see them, try zip code 90210. You can also look on the left hand menu for the Toys link and click that to move all the toy coupons to the front of the list. (If you printed these last month, you can print them again!)

Then go here and print 2 more!

Head to Target and look for these deals:

Santa Spud Bud -- $6.99
Use $5 coupon
Total: $1.99

Animal Spud Bud potato heads -- $6.99
Use $5 coupon
Total: $1.99

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Starla said...

Is this an advertised price? Can I price match it at Walmart?

Kristin said...

No. It is a shelf price. Walmart might carry the item and it be cheaper though. I haven't found it at mine yet.

Sarah said...

are the Santa spud buds regular size potato heads, or small ones? My Target has Mr. Potato Heads dressed as Santa for $6.99, but I wasn't sure if the coupon is only good for mini-"buds" or if it includes full size spuds. ;oP

Anonymous said...

The Santa Spuds are regular size Mr. Potato heads except that have "santa" pieces. Also, I did not find these in any target toy sections. I actually found cases of them in the holiday candy section at target. I went from target to target since the Nov coupons posted. I only found these by accident while using my holiday candy coupons at target. So check the holiday aisles if the toy aisle doesn't have them. I also had customer service search their system for me and nothing came up. So don't give up look at the holiday section. The coupon worked fine, I bought 3 for gifts for under 6.00 (pre tax).


Leanne said...

I found the Santa spud buds at my Target near the seasonal candy aisle too!

kristin M said...

My Giant (PA) also has the Santa ones...they are $5.99 so I got 2 for 99 cents each!!!

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