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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dead Deal

Update: Doesn't look like this is working. :(

Get a Brooklyn Style X-Large Pizza for $6.99

Order online from and use the code EMZC7GJ3 to get a Brooklyn Style X-Large Pizza for $6.99. Also try to use the code JobStix to get a free order of CinnaStix as well. (It might or might not stack. I haven't tried).

(Thanks B'ham Bargain Mom!)


blessedmama said...

Oh bummer! This didn't work at my local Dominos. :( They said it wasn't available. I was hoping to use it and get MyPoints points too. Good deal for those who can get it, though!!!

Anonymous said...

Just tried in my local Domino's too. The coupon was only valid for $12.99 not $6.99. Major bummer - we were excited for a cheap Sunday night dinner!

Anonymous said...

We tried too :( Bummer. I think it was a local thing. Mine said not available in my area. My kids wanted pizza so we went to hungry howies- 2 large pizzas for $12

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Rats! Sorry guys. :(

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