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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alphabet Pal 49c and Magic Reveal Chef's Oven $9.99 with price matching at Target

If price matching works well for you at Target, you might want to do this deal:

Get the Toys R Us 2 day sale paper (for Fri and Sat). Some people received it in their Wed. paper.

The LeapFrog Alphabet Pal is $10.49
price match and use the $10 Target coupon
Total is just 49c!

Magic Reveal Chef's Oven $24.99
Price match with the Toys R Us ad--$19.99
Use the $10/1 Target coupon from here
Final cost $9.99!
(Thanks Hip2Save!)

Good luck!!

(Thanks Discount Queen!)


thepennells said...

When is the sale?

Carla said...

Where do I find the 2-day sale flyer if I don't get the paper? Do they have it in the store? This would be a great gift for my nephew!

Carla said...

Also, what are the dates for the two-day sale, and will Target let me get more than one? Thanks!

Carol said...

OMG I could just kiss you right now!!! I plan to go to toys r us tomorrow (Sick child or no sick child!!!!!!! (okay i'm not that depends on how she kids are ALWAYS sick though...but i'll be going to TRU tomorrow and i'll snag that puppy and bring it with me to target which is by my house - i want one of those things for my son!!!!!

Adrienne said...

I'm not sure if this would work at most Target's because it's a door buster at TRU.'s worth a shot, right?

Katherine said...

How does price matching work at Target?

Thanks :)

Kristin said...

They should have the ad in the front of the store. :) It is for Friday and Saturday.

Kristin said...

Here is information on price matching at Target:

Carla said...

I called my Target before driving around for this, they said they won't honor a door-buster sale and they said I can't combine a coupon with a price match. Has anyone else heard this?

Susan said...

I have used coupons on price matches at Target. Just lately I had them price match the price of Kellogg's cereal from CVS ad and used a target coupon and a manufacture's coupon to get 14 boxes of free cereal!
Not sure about the door buster policy. It may vary per store.

Anonymous said...

You can use a coupon on a price matched item (email corporate for your email and print it out). Corporate did confirm that for me, however, both corporate and my local Target store said that this ad would fall under an exclusion and can not be priced matched.

Frugal Burb Chick said...

I tried this at 2 Targets, one did it, the other did not. :( They said b/c it was a door buster that Target would not honor it.

Anonymous said...


The Daphne Target Store honored this deal....I was lucky to get two of these. Thanks for the great information.

faby5 said...

at my target they say no first but since they dind't really know they decided to honor it i got 5 for 2.50

Carla said...

I went to two Targets - the first one said no since the T-R-Us is a "timed sale", but the second one did it! I got five of them for $2.50! Great Christmas gifts!!! In fact, the girl at guest services who checked me out said she got a few of them too! Thank you thank you thank you!

Amy said...

My Target had NO Alphabet toys on the shelves. Darn.

Tosha said...

Target honored this deal for me no questions asked. I was able to get 6. I got 4 for toys for tots! I paid 2.90 for all 6 of them. Thanks for the heads up!

Cindy in Minnesota said...

Thank you! I just got back from Target and got 5 of them for $2.50, no questions asked. I LOVE your site I use it every week for my target and walgreens shopping. This week alone I have saved over $200.00 because of your great tips. Thanks again!!!!

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