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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanzel and Gretel would of loved this!

During the holiday season, The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World builds this beautiful Gingerbread House.

Complete with a hot chocolate shop INSIDE the house! How neat is that? My friend was able to see it in person and I am so jealous!


Angie.... said...

I would love to go to disney dureing christmas! I bought a beautiful gingerbread cinderellas castle last time we were at disney for my tree- but i keep it out all year long- love it.

Jessica said...

That looks so amazing! We're going up to see the castle all lit up this saturday and I can't wait! I wish we had more time to check this out too!

Anonymous said...

Two years ago inside the Beach Club Resort they carved an actual carousel for Christmas out of chocolate and if you are there during Thanksgiving while they are making it you get samples of the chocolate they are using. It is amazing. Would go every year if we could.

Elizabeth said...

I use to work at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. Every year at Christmas the pastry chefs put up a carousel made of gingerbread with chocolate horses. Imagine what its like to stand behind the front desk breathing in the smell all day, lol! It's truly a magical place to be this time of year.

Brook said...

We are going from December 26-January 1 this year, I'm so excited to see this along with all the other Christmas decorations!!

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