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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got my $30 digital frame from

I ordered the Memorex 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame earlier this week from Amazon and I received it today. I thought I'd tell you what I thought since this is an OUTSTANDING deal on a digital frame.

First, it was so easy to set up! All I had to do was slip in my memory card and plug it in. I never opened the instruction book.

The display is comparable to the display on my computer. The pictures were not fuzzy or off colored. They were crisp and clear.

The pictures do not just change. They slide off the screen
or appear by sliding in from the left, right or top. Sometimes
they show up as Black and White and change to color. I really
liked that feature.

The frame itself is really pretty. The brown and blue compliment
each other very well. The cord is pretty long so it doesn't have
to be extremely close to a plug. It has buttons across the back that
enables you to control the functions with ease.

Overall I love this and I think my Mother in Law is going to love it too!
My Faither in law passed away a year ago and I am going to load it
with all the pictures I have of him as well as newer pictures of the kids.
I bet I will make her cry. ;)

If you think you might like this frame, go here to order it. It also ships free
with Super Saver shipping. (I got mine so fast because I have Amazon Prime.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks - Just ordered mine and when they sent me my conf e-mail they sent a link for 140 FREE return address labels (just pay shipping) THANKS AGAIN!

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