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Monday, November 23, 2009

Minniemizing for the Mouse 11.23.09

Do you have some unwanted pounds you need to shed? Need to get up and get active to feel better? Want to be in better physical shape before your trip to Disney? Then this post is for you!

Monday - Friday I will be posting a new post titled Minniemizing for the Mouse (get it?). Comment below and let us know if you got in some physical activity today! At the end of 4 weeks I will be awarding one reader a $100 pot luck of awesome coupons as a reward for sticking with it. Good luck!

I did the Wii Fit today for 26 minutes before it did me in. I'm having the hardest time finding all the flags on the cycling quickly. Sigh.

How did you do?


Alison M. said...

I ran 5.4 miles today.

brian36 said...

I ran my 10k race on Saturday. Sunday afernoon hubby and I took a walk back into the woods to check out his tree stand before hunting season on Monday. This morning I took my first spinning class at the YMCA and I just got back from kickboxing.

It's really strange how the more I workout the more energy I seem to have for other things.

Jenny said...

I did the Walk Away The Pounds DVD with Leslie Sansone, walked 3 miles in my living room. In a years time I have lost 60 lbs with those workouts. It is easy to follow and I see results weekly! Hope that inspires someone else to get off the couch lol!

Stacy Solorio said...

Did a 45-minute boot camp class today to get ready for my trip to Disney tomorrow. Last time we went we tracked over 10,000 steps (5 miles). Let's see if we can beat that tomorrow!

Lisa P. said...

On Monday I did a workout dvd for 30 minutes. Its all I had time for but I'm sore today:)

Stephanie P said...

I did 30 minutes on the wii fit today (the hula hoop, running, and other various games)

Theresa said...

I ran/walked 1 1/2 miles.

Sarah Richey said...

I ran 1.5 miles and then walked 1.5 miles on Saturday. And on Sunday, we went to Disney so I did A LOT of walking there. Since I did so much over the weekend, I took a break for Monday. But I'm feeling pretty good!

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