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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Staples: Score 2 20ct packs of free batteries this week!

Staples is offering (2) 20 packs of AA or AAA Duracell batteries this week.

The packs of batteries retail for $12.99 and you receive a full refund via Staples Rewards. So basically you will pay $26 (or less) in cash for these batteries and get a check for $26 from Staples. Unfortunately, their checks can only be used in their stores, but you could always use it on printer ink or paper etc.

Be sure to ask for a Staples Rewards card if you don't have one. Here are some more details on this program.

(Thanks Money Saving Madness!)


Angie.... said...

I have been thinking about this deal and free batteries would be great. I still have not got my rewards form staples for the free backpack deal i got in july. I have emailed and complained still waiting for my rewards and ink rewards.

Anonymous said...

We just joined the reward program and we'll see how long it takes for us. As for the 15% off coupon our store wouldn't take it. They said it had already been used. I don't know what Staples is up to????

Sara said...

Angie, call customer service for Staples Rewards. The backpack rebates went out the beginning of November. They were not in an envelope. They were tri-fold type and you would take the sides and top strip off and the 'check' would be in it. Easily confused with junk. Staples Rewards has its own customer service and they were very nice to me when I called.

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