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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stop! Are You Ready for Black Friday?

It's here. Black Friday is just hours away and it's time for you to get prepared!

The stores have all released their deals and I am here to make sure you are armed with all the tools of a smart Black Friday shopper.

Tool #1: The Ads.

You don't have to wait until Thursday morning to get your ads. has almost all the stores right here. Just click on the store logo to pull up a list of the deals plus the ad scans.

Plus here are the lists I have done for my favorite stores:

Best Buy

Toys R Us

Tool #2: The Best Price.

One of the hardest parts of getting ready for Black Friday is making sure you figure out which store has the best price on the items your family wants the most. There are 2 ways to do this. You can spend a few hours going through the ads or you can check out my best price guides.

I took the top items at Best Buy, Kohls, Kmart, Target, Walmart and Toys R Us and put them into lists divided by categories. That way you can scan the categories and see which stores are going to have the best prices on the items you need without digging through the ads.

DVDs and DVD Players
Video Games and Gaming Systems

Tool #3. The times the stores open and who's price matching.

See the guide here.

Tool #4. The Money.

You are on your own with that. ;)

Make sure you go here to see all the Black Friday deals. I've posted 18 deals and counting today! And I am not done scouring the internet to help you get the most bang for your buck!


Katie said...

Kristin, thank you so much for doing the "lowest prices" postings! You are a lifesaver for a busy mom.

Kristin said...

Thanks Katie! It's something I thought would really benefit everyone. :D

Candy said...

Thanks for all your hard work! I wasn't sure where to post about a freebie that I found (that I think is new) is a game download on called "Ricochet Xtreme"...I just purchased it for $0.00. It is good for Windows XP/Vista.

Kristin said...

Thanks Candy! That is a great find! I will be sure to post it sometime today. :)

Danny and Claire said...

you're amazing!!! I love your blog :)

Clairendelle said...

I'm your new follower :)
Your blog is definitely my daily dose.

Lisa ~ TheScrapPrincess said...

OMGoodness - You rock! Thanks so much for this! I have my lists but this is SOOOOO much easier for me to toe along with me on Fri morning :) Thanks again! Lisa

Maven of Savin' said...

YOU ARE THE BOMB!!! This is totally awesome and I am totally linking you!!!

Thanks so much!

p0ptart said...

Helpful post!

Carlene said...

Thank you for all your hard work for us. I became a fan on Facebook.

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