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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Target printable changes plus new coupons

I've got bad news. There is no gentle way to break it to you, so I will rip it off like a band aid.

Target no longer offers unlimited prints on their printable coupons.

We all knew this was coming. We were getting an incredible amount of unlimited deals at Target, and they got wiser. Now each Target coupon is limited to 2 prints per computer. Current Target printables from the previous format will still be accepted until they expire.

They each now have a unique bar code and they still say limit one per transaction. You'd think Target could at least take that off!

But there will still be great deals to be had. Just not unlimited amounts. But that is great news really, because you don't have to worry about shelves being cleared by over zealous couponers.

With that said, here are the new Target printables. They expire 12/12.

Go here to print these coupons here.

$1/1 Dole bagged salad
$1/2 Ocean Spray juice, 64 oz
$0.50/1 Pepperidge Farm stuffing, 14 or 16 oz
$1/2 Pop Secret popcorn, 3-ct or larger
$1/1 Nabisco family-size snack crackers, 12 to 16 oz
$0.50/1 Wasa crackers, 8 oz or larger
$1/1 Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals crackers, 5.9 oz or larger
$0.75/1 Folgers coffee, 27.8 to 33.9 oz
$1/1 Pepsi canned product, 12-pack 12-oz
$1/1 Ritz crackers, 14.5-16 oz
$2/1 Archer Farms ham
$1/1 Green Giant Russett bagged potatoes, 5 lb
$1/1 Market Pantry bakery pie
$1/4 Del Monte fruit products
$0.50/1 Argo corn starch
$1/6 Del Monte canned vegetables
$2/1 Archer Farms ham
$1/1 Green Giant Russett bagged potatoes, 5 lb
$1/1 Market Pantry bakery pie
$0.50/1 Argo corn starch
$1/6 Del Monte canned vegetables


Jeanette said...

Do you think this will effect the in-store coupon printing?

Kristin said...

Yes. You will no longer be able to print your coupons at Target. :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I tried to yesterday and it didn't work.

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