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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Target's New Printable Coupons


The Coupons

Go here to print them. (likely limit 2 per computer. If you can print more, let me know!)

Some of these are actually mfg coupons with the Target logo on them. If they are, I will indicate that.

Exp 12/12

Archer Farms Ham - Save $2 off any (except deli). Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Del Monte - Save $1 off any 4 cans of fruit or 4 pk cups. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Del Monte - Save $1 off any 6 cans of vegetables. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Dole salad - Save $1 off assorted varieties. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Folgers Coffee - save $1 on 27.8 to 33.9 oz coffee. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Green Giant Russett bagged potatoes - save $1 off a 5 lb bag (excludes organic). Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Market Pantry pie - Save $1 off any 8" pie. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Nabisco Family Size Crackers - save $1 off 12 to 16 oz crackers. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Ocean Spray juice - save $1 off 2 64 oz or larger juices. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Crackers - save $1 off any 5.9 oz or larger. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Pepperidge Farm Stuffing - save 50c off 14 or 16 oz stuffing. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Pepsi 12 pk, 12 oz cans - Save $1 off any one. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Pop Secret Popcorn - save $1 off any 2 3-ct or larger popcorns. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Ritz Crackers - Save $1 on any 14.5 or 16 oz crackers. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)
Wasa Crackers - save 50c off any 8 oz crackers. Exp 12/12 (Target coupon)

Exp 12/21

Bush's Best Baked Beans - save $1 on any 3 16 oz cans. Exp 12/21/09 (mfg coupon)

Exp 1/7/10

Argo Corn Starch - Save 50c off any one. Exp 1/7/10 (mfg coupon)

Exp 1/16/10

Barilla Plus Multigrain Pasta - Save 75c/2. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Disney or Marvel Spider-Man Multivitamin - save $1 off any one. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
EAS Myoplex - Save $1 off any 4 pack shake strength formula. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Flexamin - save $3 off any one. Exp 1/16/09 (mfg coupon)
Glucerna - save $3 off any 3 products. Exp 1/16/09 (mfg coupon)
Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets - Save $1 off any 3 packages. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Huggies save $1.50 on any jumbo bag or larger. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Kleenex - Save $1 off any one bundle pack (excludes trial and travel packs). Exp 1/16/09 (mfg coupon)
Osteo Bi-Flex Caplet item - save $3 off any one. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Pedialyte product - save $1.50 off any. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Pediasure product - save $1.50 off any. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Quilted Northern - Save $1 off any 12 pack or larger. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Uncle Ben's 2lb Natural Whole Grain Brown or 14 oz Fast & Natural Whole Grain instant brown products - save $1. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice products - save $1/3. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Products - save $1/4. Exp 1/16/09 (mfg coupon)
ZonePerfect - Save $1 on any 2 multi-packs. Exp 1/16/10 (mfg coupon)

See all the Target deals here.


Anonymous said...

I took the CVS ad to Target and had them price match the pepsi's for 2.50 then used their 1.00 off coupon so got pepsis for 1.50 a 12 pack which for pepsi's thats not a bad deal! Targets pepsis are 4.69 here a 12 pack!

Cathy said...

Hello! I have been unable to print any Target coupons. I click to download the coupon printer thingy and then it tells me to close the Internet browser windows and then it won't print. Any thoughts????

KP said...

I'm having the same issues and can't seem to figure out why. It's a bummer too because I missed out on a better deal on the canned food items today because of it. Bad Target, bad. ;) If anyone finds out, please report!

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same printing problems as Cathy and KP. I have downloaded and installed it several times. After clicking the license agreement, I get a message that the coupons will start printing but they never do. I've tried changing zip codes and no zip codes. Nothing seems to work. I'm pretty sure it isn't me because all other coupon sites work just fine. I'm using Windows XP and Firefox - just in case that helps anyone figure this out.
And thanks for all the great deals and coupons you bring us. The UP deal was the best. $19.99 at Target, $10 off coupon, Voila $4 rebate and $5 dollar pasta rebate = $.99. Almost as good as free.

Anonymous said...

I had the same trouble, but finally tried adjusting some of the internet provider security settings (we use Verizon). That seemed to do the trick. I think I had to click "allow pop-ups" in their program. Just allowing pop-ups in the Windows toolbar did not make a difference at first. Maybe you can try someting similar? It was VERY frustrating to be unable to print.

Kristin said...

You might want to read this thread on AFC. They have some good pointers.

Anonymous said...

When I download the coupon printer I had to close all internet browers windows then restart the computer then i was able to print.

xxplumcrazeexx said...

There is little security bar that pops up under the top bar. After you hit download it will pop up. Click on it and hit temporarily allow from this website. It should then download.

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