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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walmart's Black Friday Changes

Walmart has made some noticeable changes to how their Black Friday sales work this year.

All stores are open 24 hours. (Even stores that are normally closed overnight)

If you want a key item, you have to line up in front of the item and you will be handed a ticket for the item to guarantee you will get it. If you leave the line, you loose your ticket and you must go to the end of the line.

There is a map available on that shows you where in the store the items will be located. While this is a good starting place, don't count on the stores being 100% true to the map.

Items will be very spread out this year. In years past, they would line the items up in their wide aisles known as action alleys. This year to aid in crowd control, the items will be very spread out. Thus the reason for the map.

So basically if you hope to get say the laptop and the power wheels, you are going to need 2 people to stand in separate lines to ensure you get it. Their will be no mad dashes to get items at Walmart this year.

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