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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You've just been pardoned, what will you do next?

Gobble! Gobble! I'm flying first class to Disneyland!

President Obama pardoned his first turkey, a 45 lb bird named Courage, today.
Courage departed from the airport aboard a plane titled "Turkey One" headed for Disneyland in California.

When he arrives in Disneyland, he will be made the honorary marshal of the Disney "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" parade that will take place down Main Street USA on Thursday. After the parade, he will find a home at Santa’s Reindeer Round-Up at Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland where he will live for the rest of his turkey life.

Is it wrong to be jealous of a turkey?




Jane said...

HAHAH! No, it's not wrong to be jealous of that turkey, but this whole event is strange!

Judy Van Laanen said...

This gave me a big laugh, lol! In this case, yes I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Okay.... so I am not sure if I am suppose to be doing this so I am commenting annoyomously. I have for many years worked at Disneyland doing parades and have always enjoyed working on thanksgiving to see the pardoned turkey. It has for many years done the parade with us. It was always a fun treat for me to dance down the street with the turkey not to far away. However did you know turkey's have an extremely small heart. We would always have a blanket next to the turkey just in case it got scared and kicked the bucket before we were done with our parade. Thank goodness we have had no needed the blanket yet.... but the whole idea is just a tad but funny to me! Happy Thanksgving!!!

8:05 PM

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