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Monday, December 14, 2009 is ticking me off

Wild Planet Mickey's Mouse-ke-TAG is on sale for $9.99 and ships free with a $25 purchase.

I bought this on November 15th and paid $14.99. This is the 4th item that they have cut the price on that I bought. It's very, very, very, very annoying. The only option I have is to rebuy it and then return the first one which seems like a pain to save $5.

Either way, my son is really going to love it.


Lori said...

I read on that Amazon was refunding some peoples' money that were having the same problem. I think they may have been less time that elapsed between when they made the purchase, and when the price dropped, but contact them to ask if they will just refund you. It never hurts to ask! :) Good Luck that would annoy me too!!

Anonymous said...

I have had the opposite problem! I find a good price with free Amazon shipping on an item I want and I wait it out and end up missing the whole deal. LOL. I guess it is payback for me getting all the good deals that I get on everything else :-)

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

It annoyed me at first when it happened to me, but then I thought about the fact that I still didn't pay full price. Who knew that retailers were going to get *this* desperate?

Angi said...

In my experience, Amazon won't give full credit on returns, they have some sort of restocking fee.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Amazon that does that! :) -- Brandy

Anonymous said...

don't feel too bad! you're still getting it for free basically from all your swagbucks and referrals! With your amazon Christmas you didn't have to spend any of your own money, right? Thanks for your blog!

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

ROFLMAO. You are exactly right. :P

Jenny G said...

I thought I read that Amazon has a low price guarantee and will refund your money. My mom was just telling me that she received a check from them for items that were reduced after she bought them. Not sure of the window of time between the sale and when you have to have bought the item though.

Jenny G said...

I meant she got the difference in priced refunded to her not the entire price of the item..

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