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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Couponing To Disney's Reader's Disney Vacations

Update: I am putting together the master list tonight. Please make sure you have included your information if you want to be on the list! 

If you are planning a vacation this month, next year or anytime in the future... this is going to be the place for you!

I want to make a list of all my readers that are planning vacations for a new Disney planning feature that I am going to be doing.

This is what I need from you:
Name (you are welcome to make up an alias if you want. Just something to identify your vacation)
Vacation Dates
Number of adults, kids (and ages of kids)
Name of the resort you are staying at (or the ones you are considering) or if you are staying off site
If you plan to get park hopper, water park, etc
If you plan to get the meal plan and what type of plan you will be getting
Estimated amount of money you hope to save for the trip
Flying or Driving
If this is your first trip or when your last trip was
Any other facts you can think of adding

If you could do it in a list format for me, that would be helpful. I am going to make a post for planning feature with all our information on it.


mpage98630 said...

2.October 2010
3.2 adults, 2 kids of the Disney value resorts (we've stayed at all 4 already!)
5.definitely park hoppers!!
6.and with the meal plan (we did the very first month it was out, great!)
7.the basic meal plan, 2 meals and a snack per night
10.taking disney transportation to/from the airport -they get the bags from the airline for us, yea!!(often book through disney travel, even won a limo ride 2 years ago to the resort - kids LOVED it!!)

Blondie said...

1. Janna
2. November 2010
3. 2 adults, 2 kids (11 and 4)
4. Pop Century (or deluxe splurge, not yet sure)
5. Park Hoppers - always
6. Basic dining
7. This is flexible. Due to circumstances, most of the actual trip will be paid for...I want to save for the extras - more food (my boys always eat up the snack credits and I never get any), souvenirs, fun stuff (caricatures, video games, etc.). I would like to have $500 to $1000 free and clear with no budget impact otherwise.
8. Driving
9. This may be a combo Disney/Universal trip.

Hollye said...

1. Hollye
2. October 2010
3. 2 adults, 1 child (might have the inlaws along, so maybe 2 additional adults.)
4. We would like to stay at the Wilderness Lodge this time.
5.not sure on the park hopper. We didn't have it last time and there were only a couple of times when I wished we had it.
6. the basic meal plan (I'm crossing my fingers they do the free plans again soon. That saved us a TON of money!
7. We like to enjoy ourselves on vacation, so I am thinking we are going to need between $3500 - $4000 to cover everything. (wowsers...I need to start saving NOW! I've already got about $300 saved....)
9.We are driving

Cassie Sanderson said...

1. Cassie
2. December 2010
3. So far 2 Adults and 3 Kids
4. Disney World, Orlando FL
5. I am guessing Park Hoppers
6. Grocery Smart Dining (local target with coupons ;)
7. Hoping $2,500 no idea???
8. Flying with my sky miles saved up

Talani Tupua said...

1. Barbie
2. May 2010
3. 4 adults, 2 kids
4. Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (DVC)
5. Annual passes (1-day, 1-parks for the visiting in-laws)
6. No meal plan - full kitchen in the villa, so I'll be doing most of the cooking.
7. $4,000
8. 2 adults, 2 kids driving; 2 adults flying from American Samoa!
9. Will also spend a day at The Holy Land Experience - a first for all of us!

Katie said...

1. Smith Family
2. January 23-30, 2010
3. 8 adults, 1 toddler (21 months)
4. Off site, Florida Sun Vacation home, 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with private pool for $1652
5. Bought tickets through Kissimmee Guest Services, 5 day, no park hopping for $210 per adult
6. No meal plan, eat at home most of the time
7. So far have saved about 1000
8. Flying out of Flint, MI on Airtran paid $194 per adult
9. Made ADRs for Hollywood and Vine, Le Cellier, Liberty Tree, Whispering Canyon and a fireworks cruise (all special treats). We also rented a minivan from National for $308 total. Saved money by combining families in an offsite home, buying tickets from a 3rd party vendor, not flying out of a major metropolitian airport, cashing in credit card points for visa gift cards (Disney Visa and our general debit card) and of course couponing. Also, have used,, and wdwtoday podcast for advice on planning.

Cheryl said...

2. May 21-31 2010
3. 6 A 2C ages 2 and 4
4. Beach Club Villas
5. 5 of us have season passes and 2 adults will be getting hoppers
6. Basic Dining (snack counter table)
7. $2000
8. Flying
9. We are celebrating my husband's 32nd and my grandmother's 90th! birthdays while there. We are looking for something new and exciting to try while we are there!

Laurie said...

1. Laurie
2. Dec 13-16, 2009!!!
3. 2 adults, 2 kids - 2 & 7 (We are meeting up with 5 adults and 2 kids)
4. Disney's Fort Wilderness
5. We are getting Florida Resident Seasonal Passes
6. No meal plan. We are staying in a cabin, so we plan to cook a lot of meals ourselves to save money
7. Driving
8. Our last trip to Disney was March 2008.
9. My husband lost his job 7 months ago so my dad has planned this trip as our Christmas present. It is a mini family reunion.

Rebekah said...

1. Rebekah
2. June 5-13, 2010
3. 8 adults and one 15 year old
4. Wilderness Lodge
5. Definitely parkhoppers
6. Disney Dining Plan
7. it costs $1525.50 per person (we divided it evenly between everyone) so i need to save $3051. I already have $1200 saved! :)
8. We are driving.
9. My last trip was June 28-July 3 2009 (we went on our honeymoon there!)
10. We are celebrating our one year anniversary, my in-laws 30th anniversary, and someone graduating from nursing school! :)

Angela said...

1. Donner Family
2. October 2011
3. 3 adults, 1 kid (turning 3) (possibly a 1 year old as well if my husband talks me into another one before the trip)
4. probably one of the value resorts
5. park hoppers
6. not sure about meal plan yet
7. we are estimating $3,000 to $4,000
8. Driving
9. Kid(s) first trip, husband's second trip, multiple trips for me and my mom
10. celebrating daughter's third birthday, our 8th anniversary, and celebrating my mom's 65th birthday early.

Jennifer G said...

1.Jennifer G
2. May 13-20,2010
3. 2Adults, 2Kids (3yr&4yr)
4. Offsite a renta home in Clermont
5. park hopper but no waterparks
6. no meal plan
7. 2000
8. Flying
9.We went in May of 2009

dctm said...

Christie C.
2 adults, 13 yr old, 2 yr old
Pop Century
No Water Park
No Park hopper (I may change this)
Dining Plan (1 qs, 1 tm, 1 snack)
Hope to save $1000
Flying (hopefully)
First trip!

Minnie Mama said...

1. Minnie Mama
2. March 2010
3. 2 adults, 1 child (age 2)
4. Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (we're DVC members)
5. Park Hoppers (we already have the passes)
6. Dining plan
7. Just saving for rental car, dining plan, and souvenirs.
8. Flying
9. We're also gonna visit Sea World.
10. We go at least 2x year as we're DVC members so we've been more times then I can count, but we love it there! Maybe we've been 100 times?

Nikki said...

2.December 2010
3.2 Adults, 2 Kids
4.Rental Home through Florida Sun Vacations
5.Park Hopper
6.Doing the cooking myself
9.First time for my husband and kids. I went 20 years ago!

Jenna McGarvey said...

1. Jenna
2. Nov 2010
3. 2 adults, 3 kids
4. Bay Lake Tower, MK view
5. Park Hopper
6. eating in room for most part with groceries bout there
7. Would love to save enough for 5 day tickets and spending since room is paid for. about $1600.
8. Driving
9. Last trip was May 09.
Going to celebrate Christmas season and meeting up with some friends from ALaska who will be staying with us. Super Excited!!!!

Dede said...

1. Evelyn
2. September 19-26, 2010
3. 2 adults, 2 kids
4. Off site
5. Yes, Park Hoppers
6. Don't know about the meal plan...need more info before deciding!
7. Planning to have $1500 saved
8. Flying
9. Not the first trip, last time we went was in 2006.

Lecia said...

1. Lecia
2. Feb 5-12, 2010
3. 2 adults
4. Port Orleans, Riverside
5. Basic ticket
6. Unsure on mealplan
7. $2500
8. Flying!
9. I went to WDW in 2001, but this is my boyfriend's first trip.

CatM13 said...

1. catm13
2. May 2010
3. 2 adults ,1 kid
4. Polynesian
5. Park Hopper = YES
6. Meal Plan = Yes (the one with the 1 table, 1 counter & 1 snack/day)
7. trying to reach $1200 goal (up to $900ish)
8. driving...
9. My dd's 1st trip; our last one was May 2004?

Rebecca Miller said...

1. Rebecca
2. August, 2010
3. 2 adults, 2 kids (ages 7 and 4)
4. Prefer deluxe resort
5. No park hopper or water park (would like park hopper but trying to keep cost down)
6. Yes, to dining plan...2 quick service and two snacks a day per person
7. I would like to have $1,000 in spending cash
8. Flying (will need approx $900 for air tickets)
9. We went in May, 2009 and LOVED it. My kids still talk about it non-stop...I never thought I'd be the type to go two years in a row, but I am. Our income is down this year, if I'm going to pull this off, it has to be with saving.

blessedmama said...

1. Blessedmama
2. Jan/Feb 2011
3. 2 adults, 3 kids (4.75y, 2.5y, 11months) on our part. Will also be at least 4-6 more adults and a few more kids in our party.
4. POR or POFQ...can't part with PO!
5. Park Hopper for sure!
6. Basic dining
7. At least $3000, not sure yet- it'll be an 8 or 9 day vacation.
8. Flying cross country!
9. My 7th trip, DH's 3rd, DD1's 3rd, DD2's 2nd, new baby's first! Our last trip was Jan 2009 and there were 27 of us from OR/ID!
10. Will use Magical Express again. This time will be a Disney only vaca- no Sea World, Universal, or Kennedy Space Center on this trip.

Anonymous said...

1. Patty
2. May 2010
3. 4 adults, 2 kids
4. One of the Disney Resorts - our first trip!
5. Park hopper for sure
6. Have not decided on the meal plan, not familiar with it.
7. $2,500
8. Driving
9. This will be my second trip, went when I was in my early 20's. My 5 year old and 1 year old have never been and my 5 year old has been asking for months now how we can go to Disney World. This will be our FIRST Family Vacation! I am so excited!

Lisa said...

1. Lisa
2. December 12 - December 14, 2009
3. Just Me
4. All Star Music
5. Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party Ticket
6. No Meal Plan
7. $400
8. Flying
9. Last Trip Nov. 2009


1. Lisa
2. March 3 - 7, 2009
3. 2 Adults
4. Pop Century
5. Season Passes
6. Deluxe Meal Plan or Tables in Wonderland Card
7. $1000
8. Flying
9. See Above


1. Lisa
2. August 15 - 22nd
3. 2 Adults
4. Disney BoadWalk Resort / Disney Wonder
5. Season Passes
6. Deluxe Meal Plan or Tables in Wonderland Card
7. $1500
8. Flying
9. See Above


1. Lisa
2. December 1 - December 5, 2009
3. Two Adults
4. Disney Swan/Dolphin
5. Season Pass
6. Deluxe Meal Plan or Tables in Wonderland Card
7. $1000
8. Flying
9. See Above

I am a Disney Certified Travel Agent and LOVE LOVE LOVE WDW. I go as much as my pocketbook lets me. I fund my trips from commissions I earn booking other People's trips. If anyone would like quotes let me know! I also keep watch for the best sales/deals and change my reservation (or other clients reservations) if a better deal comes out then the one I have booked.

Melanie said...

1. The Hunt Family
2. May 2010
3. 2 adults, 2 kids (5 & 23 months)
4. one of the Disney Deluxe resorts
5. park hoppers
6. would like to try the meal plan this time
7. $3000?
8. flying
9. last trip was May/2007

Anonymous said...

1. WC
2. Fall 2011 (7 days, 6 nights)
3. 4 adults, 1 child (will be 4)
4. Beach Club Villa or Boardwalk Villa
5. No park hopper. No water park.
6. Magic Your Way Meal Plan (1 table, 1 counter, 1 snack)
7. $10,000 (This is a once in a lifetime trip. Might as well go big!)
8. Flying (hoping to use reward points from credit cards)
9. Last trip for my parents & I was in 1987. First trip for DH and DD.

Anonymous said...

1. Crystal
2. September 2010
3. 2 adults, 2 kids (9 & 7)
4. Hoping to stay at a DVC property with my grandparents timeshare points, if not we will stay at the All Star Music
5. No park hoppers, possibly water parks
6. The meal plan with 1 table service and 1 quick service and 1 snack
7. $3500
8. Definately flying
9. Not our first rodeo! This will be trip # 4

Wendy said...

2.May 2010
3. 4 adults 4 kids ages (
4. Staying off site in a time share with friends
5.not sure about park hopping
6. have not decided about meal plan...i think we will probably cook ourselves though
7. thinking 2500
8. Driving
9. This is our FIRST TRIP TO DISNEY!!!! I am 31 and SOOOOO excited!!!

Jill W. said...

1. Jill
2. Jan 2011 (I hope!)
3. 2 adults, 4 kids (13,7,5,2)
4. ??
5. Park hoppers
6. no meal plan (that could change)
7. $4000-$5000 (Expensive for 6 to fly from Alaska but will try to cut corners where we can)
8. My dh and 3 of the kids went in Jan 2008 for a Make A Wish trip- It was great but I has just found out I was pregnant- would love to go back and enjoy the rides and the whole experience without morning sickness LOL.

Anonymous said...

Name: Ann Marie
Vacation Dates: End of March
Number of adults, kids: 2 adults, 4 kids(7,5,5,and 3)
Name of the resort you are staying at: Unsure, possibly Pop Century(haven't stayed there yet) or back to Port Orleans. We'll have to have 2 rooms this trip!
If you plan to get park hopper, water park, etc: We have annual passes at present.
If you plan to get the meal plan and what type of plan you will be getting: Most likely Basic Meal Plan.
Estimated amount of money you hope to save for the trip: $2000.
Flying or Driving: Driving
If this is your first trip or when your last trip was: last trip was in October 2009
Any other facts you can think of adding

Monica said...

1. Monica
2. end of April, beginning of May, 2010
3. 2 adults, 2 kids ages 7 & 4
4. not sure?
5. park hopper and water park
6. after reading your info....maybe not the meal plan
7. $2500
8. driving
9. First trip for my kids and my first since I was 8 (I'm now 33)!!

Aymee said...

1. Aymee
2. January 2010/March 2010/September 2010
3. 2 adults, 2 kids
4. Boardwalk Villas/ Villas at Wilderness Lodge / Saratoga Springs
5. Florida Resident Seasonal Passes
6. No meal plan
7. $300 for each trip (plus another $750 for a party in Sept)
8. Driving
9. Last trip was December 2009
10. In March we are celebrating my DD's 5 and in Sept. my DS's 3rd
During the Sept. trip we want to have a party at the Neverland Club for my son (we did one for my daughter when she turned 4 this year)
The Sept. trip also follows a 3 night cruise onboard the Disney Wonder where my DH and I will be renewing our wedding vows.

BAMBI said...

3.2 adults,1 child (age 6)
4.Pop century
5.park hoppers
6.meal plan
7.basic meal plan, 2 meals and snack per night
10.we took our oldest grandaughter sept.2008. Our plan is to take each grandchild when they turn 6.
In 2011 we have two of them turning 6, not sure if we will take them together or individually.

Autumn said...

1. Autumn
2. November 2010
3. 8 adults, 10 kids (My family 2 adults plus 5 kids. But both my sisters and their families are coming, so we are all planning together.)
4. Hope to stay in the park (animal kingdom or the old key west) But have a timeshare and may have to stay off site. Will have to wait within 45 days to book to try and get the deals through our timshare.
5. Park hoppers with no water parks
6. No meal plan, didn't know there was one.
7. Hope to put back $2,500
8. Driving
9. Would also like to go to the Christmas party with the characters and possibly the character breakfast.

Anna said...

1. Anna
2. Future not/sure
3. Disneyland Anaheim, CA
4. 2 adults 2 kids (ages 2, 4)
5. park hopper
6. What is a meal plan?
7. Driving
8. First trip as a family
9. Not even sure how much I would need to save.

Deb said...

1. Deb
2. October 2010
3. 2 Adults
4. Caribbean or Port Orleans
5. Definitely Park Hopper
6. Never gotten the meal plan before
7. $4000
8. Flying
9. Our honeymoon

sandrac said...

2. March 2010 or later
3.2 adults, 2 kids (10 yrs & 2 yrs special needs)
4. 1 of the Disney resorts (haven't decided)
5. thinking of hopper expecial for the water park
6.considering a meal plan but would like options
7.$2,000 at least
8.Driving but would love to fly because of the time
9.parents grow up around Disneyland, 10 yr olds 2nd, 2 yr old 1st trip
10. Any and all suggestions for traveling with kids from Northern Oregon to Cal. 3/10 might work for us but might have to be later in year but like to have a head start on things.

Anonymous said...

1. littleduncan007
2. Week after Thanksgiving 2010 (hopefully, haven't saved a penny yet)Disneyworld, want to stay at least 7 days
3. 2 adults, 2 kids
4. want to stay on-site, could use a suggestion
5. park hoppers (don't know anything about water parks, don't know if you can do those in Nov., I know they have a festival of kights that I have to buy seperate tickets to because they close the park to only those people?)
6. meal plan for sure
7. had a small plan at Disneyland, but at Disneyworld I think we'd need more, I don't know the different levels?
8.With airfare, I think we need about $7,000.
9. flying
10. want to take disney transpo., We've only been to Disneyland once, & are planning on making this trip only once this decade, so we really want to be prepared & go all out:)

Anonymous said...

2.August, Septemeber or December haven't decided 2010
3.1 adult 2 kids..
4POFQ or Wilderness Lodge
5.Maybe park Hoppers
6.basic meal plan
7.this is huge variable, depending on where we stay and what I can get for flights
8. Definitely have to fly

Christy said...

We just got back a week ago but my kids are already asking to go back so I feel like I need to be on this thread.

1. Christy
2. year or so
3. 2 adults, 3 kids
4. Off site
5. park hoppers for sure
6. meal plan
7. basic plan
8. $2000
9. driving
10. We get a great deal on a condo through the military which is why our plan will be off site approx $320 for the week

Rose said...

1) Rose
2) June 2010
3) 2 Adults, 3 Kids
4) Pop Century (if offsite - Buena Vista suites)
5) Park hopper and water park
6) Maybe dining plan
7) $3,000???
8) Driving
9) Third trip - went in 2004 and 2007

Jennifer said...

1. Jen
2. September 2010
3. 2 adults and 1 kiddo, age 3
4. Port Orleans Riverside
5. Park hoppers!
6. Hoping for free dining! but if not, basic meal plan and Food and Wine festival!
7. No idea yet :) I'm guessing around $2500.
8. Definitely flying
9. Last trip was in March 09. This will be our first trip as a whole family though! This year was just me and my son.
10. Plans all subject to change if I get pregnant! :)

ashley said...

October 2010
2 kids (2 and 5), 2 adults
All-star - Sports
Park hopper
meal plan (for resort)
sept 2009
breakfast w/princess'!!!!!

couponkelly said...

1. Kelly
2. January 2010
3. 2 adults, 3 kids
4. Hotel Across the street from the resort - Disneyland CA
5. definitely park hopper
6. Basic dinning, we'll bring our own food and do at least one character breakfast
7. We would like to spend as little as possible, hotel is paid for already, I've bought souvinish stuff to bring as a surprise. so perhaps $500-$800
8. Driving
9. Driving!

Anonymous said...

1. PAmommy
2. 2010
3. 2 adults, 1 child, 1 infant
4. animal kingdom lodge or really any disney resort
5. park hopper, no expiration, no waterpark
6. disney plus dinning
7. 2000.00
8. flying
9. last trip 9-2009
10. looking for discounts and ways to save at disney.

Brandi said...

2.March or October 2010
3.2 adults, 2 kids of the Disney value resorts
5.park hoppers
6.meal plan
7.meal plan including sit down dining
10.took kids on first trip March 2009, so excited to go again, I find your site very motivating to save money towards this trip. Thanks

dentons4 said...

I am a travel agent here in Knoxville, and I have been following you for about 6 months. I love the frugalness and the sweet spirit you seem to portray! I do travel part time and I really do just Disney! If you want me to quote you a deal I can. I do not charge commission Disney pays me to book clients. I also give away "Freebies" free photo pass, f\putt putt, 15$ planet hollywood in Downttown Disney! I love your site and I feel like I really know you! Thank you for helping me be a better stewart of God's blessings!

ChelleJ68 said...

We go every 3 years
2 Adults, 2 Kids (13 and 10)
We like to stay at any of the Disney moderate resorts. Stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort last time
We usually buy indivdual park tickets because we also go to Universal Parks as well
We dont normally buy the meal plan, not sure it is valuewise for us?
We last went November of 2008, that was not our first time by far but it WAS our first time to stay at a Disney resort...LOVED IT!

Harleygurl said...

1. Kim
2.September-October 2010
3.2 adults 2 teens
4.Disney resort(unsure which one)
5. Park Hoppers
6. Meal plans of some sorts
8.Flying from Kansas City
9.Will be second trip last one was June of last year, did not stay on site did have park hoppers, did not do meal plan. Temps were in the 100's and t was miserable while we were there.

kellie said...

Hi Kristen
Here is my info.
May 2011
1 adult, 1 teen
Not sure where to stay yet. Still researching.
Probably will get a park hopper
Plan on staying 8-9 days
Not sure about the meal plan
I am hoping to save $3000-$4000
I will be flying
This is my 2nd trip to disneyworld. The first for my daughter. Last time I was there I was her age now (12) and Epcot was not there yet!!!
I'm very excited and love to plan to get the most out of my trip. Thanks for all your help.

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