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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cyber Monday is over - the deals have been moved

Well Cyber Monday has come to a close. I hope everyone scored great bargains!

I took all the posts and dated them in 2008 so they no longer appear at the top of the blog, however you can find them all right here.

I also updated all my deals to make sure only the most current ones are posted. Check those out here.

Today I am going to work on updating all my store deals. This afternoon I've got errands to run and shopping to do. I have been mainly living on the stockpile for the last month. HAHA! Gotta change that.


SuzyQpon said...

I didn't need anything for Xmas since I always finish early but I am still so grateful to you for working so hard and posting all of the deals. My son needed clothes and a new coat and, being a teenager, failed to mention either of those facts until this past weekend. So on Cyber Monday I got to work and scored some great deals. I also scored some cheap VS sweaters. Hey, Mommy needs clothes too! :) Thanks again.

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