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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards prizes

Have you taken the time to look through the rewards on Disney Movie Rewards?

took time today to make a great list of the items you can get.
  • 200 points - online time on Playhouse Disney preschool
  • 300 points - a Disney character will call your child 4 times
  • 400 points - digital subscription to Disney's Family Fun magazine
  • 550 points - Disney Imagination Movers: For Those About To Hop" CD Soundtrack or the The Cheetah Girls 2 Soundtrack CD
  • 600 points - Disney Princess Scrapbook Kit or Pirates Of The Caribbean Scrapbook Kit
  • 600 points - Disney Princess Party Kit
  • 650 points - Pirates Of The Caribbean T-Shirt: Youth Size Large
  • 700 points - "Tinker Bell" Knit Beanie or "Mickey" Knit Beanie
  • 750 points - several great DVDs
  • 1375 points -Mickey Silhouette Pendant & Earrings Set
  • 1,800 Points -Snapfish 12" x 12" Signature Photo Book
  • 2,100 Points -Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Crystal Apple
  • 1,400 Points -"Cars" Pillow And Throw Blanket Set
  • 9,500 Points -Waterford Crystal "Mickey Mouse Ears"
  • 15,000 Points -Radio Disney: VIP Studio Access or Walt Disney Studios: Special Private Tour for 4 or Walt Disney Studios: Deluxe Private Tour for 2
Amy lives in Orlando near Disney. Plus she worked there for 9 years. She is my go to Disney person. She's even been in the secret tunnels under Magic Kingdom! :-O

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