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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Disney Parks Merchandise Available Online

Earlier this year, Disney Parks started selling exclusive park merchandise online. You can now go here to buy merchandise you use to have to buy in the parks.

Also if you spend $89, you get a free ornament. Details here.

So what can you find?

Well you can get personalized Mickey Ears for just $11.95!

This beautiful Cinderella Play Set for just $74.95!

Also check out the battery powered monorail set you can get for $72.95!

Hmmmm. I think you could just make your own Disney World at home with that thing.

Oh wait here is the train from the Magic Kingdom!

Plus check out the My Disney Girl doll! (I love the idea but her eyes are kind of creepy)


Anonymous said...

We have had the Cinderella castle for about 7 years now and it has held up wonderfully. My daughter doesn't play with it as much as she used to but I still go in and arrange it sometimes, it looks perfect beside her pink Disney themed Christmas tree right now! A little piece of our happiest place on Earth!

Meghan said...

The Monorail set is great! We have it set up so it goes aroud our christmas tree, and thru the contemporary resort. I LOVE it. and our Yorkie loves chasing it around the tree when we have it on! Its a Big Converstation Peace!!

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