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Friday, December 11, 2009

Get 5% back on with PayPhrase

Here is a rare, easy way to earn 5% back on all your purchases on It doesn't involve a special credit card or remembering to go through a special site. It just involves typing in your PayPhrase you created.

When you go to purchase an item, instead of hitting add to cart, you will type in the PayPhrase you created.

You can see the PayPhrase box is located beneath the Add to Cart Box.

Simply enter your PayPhrase and click the button to preview your order.
Enter your PIN and click Place Your Order. It skips the cart basically.

I just did it for the first time and it was so easy!!

PayPhrase is an easy-to-remember shortcut to shipping and payment information in your account. Use it for Express Checkout at and across the web.

Look for the CashBack with PayPhrase buttons when you checkout at or participating merchant sites. Place your order using PayPhrase wherever you see the CashBack with PayPhrase buttons.

After each eligible purchase you make, we’ll send you an e-mail to confirm your order. You will also receive an e-mail that includes your PayPhrase CashBack amount, and instructions on how to claim your CashBack Reward, by January 31, 2010.

See all the details and get started here. Just look for the advertisement along the right hand side under Harry Potter.

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