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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I weathered the storm

It poured like crazy here last night, but luckily the tornado sirens only went off once. A lot of trees in the area were knocked down, but luckily there were none knocked down in my yard as I have no trees at all. Gotta love these cookie cutter neighborhoods with the one lone tree in the front yard. Earlier this year, the wind broke our tree in half. Can't say it knocked it over since it was nothing more than a twig to begin with. Haha!

Just got back from Walmart. I did the Glade candle deal I told you about here. They just got a huge, 4 sided display in and I was the first one to the holiday tins. I got 9 and paid for them in 3 transactions so I can submit for the rebate 3 times. I am going to give them to my daughter's teachers for Christmas.

My daughter's class also adopted a girl and a boy. I got the girl a pair of Tinkerbell shoes, a pack of socks, a pair of pajamas and a pair of jeans that came with a bonus shirt.

So now it's on to getting all the bargains together and posted. Would you believe I put up 49 posts yesterday and I only got halfway through my to do list? :)


Charlotte said...

Glad you're safe.

Anonymous said...

I did the Glade deal at Target and am also planning on giving each of my kids teachers a candle and refill.

Kandi V said...

Glad all went well. Igrew up in AL and I remember hiding under our stairs many times!

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