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Monday, December 14, 2009

Leapfrog Tag Deals

My daughter's main gift this year is the Leapfrog Tag Reader.

I am hoping to score a great deal on I want the 32 mb Leapfrog Tag Reader but I haven't seen a jaw dropping deal on it. currently has it for $39.99 and there are a lot of promo codes you can stack that I told you about here.

Toys R Us has it for $34.99 and today only, you get $20 cash back when you spend $75 or more and pay via paypal. You can also go through 
Ebates and earn 3% cash back. And if you are a new member, you will get a $5 bonus on top of the cash back!

Here is a $10 coupon to use in store. Target has the system for $39.99, only $29.99 with the $10 coupon. I'm sure Walmart's in store price is about the same.

I snagged a great deal on the books last week from I got 5 books for $5.99 each. Currently they have a wide selection of Leapfrog Tag Books for $9.99. I am not sure if they will go down in price again.

Amazon has the LeapFrog Tag Learn to Read Phonics Book Series: Long Vowels, Silent E and Y marked down for $19.99 to $9.99. This is the cheapest I have found on this set.

Wendy's has a $5 off the Tag Books coupon on the side of the bag. Walmart has a selection of the books for $10. I saw the Dinosaur book in the clearance section for $5. (Not all Walmart's clearance is the same). Would be a sweet deal with the $5 coupon.

If you know of any more, please let me know!


mami said...

I have a tag reader coupon that I have saved. Email me.

Anonymous said...

I have some too, I also have about 6 wendy coupons that I wont be using. I used them at my toys r us, but the lady gave them back to me??? Odd but I didnt complain. So Now I have a ton of books at a great low price plus all my coupons left over. If you need some let me know. Plus I have the main leapfrog 10 off systems printed out and saved on my comp.


Kelly said...

do you have a kohls by u? they have them there i think for 29. not 100% on that. i was going back and forth on getting it for my son at that was the lowest price i was able to see if for. hope that helps?

Kristen White said...

Here's the $10 printable link:

It worked for me at Target...good luck!

Jacki said...

Kohl's has the TAG Reader for $29.99 this week. Use the $10 coupon and it's $19.99!

Maranda Miller said...

I already have the reader BUT I've been getting some great deals on the books at Ebay. I tried to find the coupons on the Wendy's bag last week and there wasn't one. I wish I knew about them being $5.99 on Amazon for I would of stocked up on them.

Missy said...

A few weeks ago(when Target's $10 coupon wasn't expired yet) I noticed the tag system was marked down to $28 because they were substituting if for some other toy they were out of. I had both $10 coupons with me (Target's and LeapPad's) so I got it for $8!!! Then my husband went back that night and got 2 more for gifts since it was so cheap! That was one of my best spur of the moment surprise deals to date... :)

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