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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not Sure What To Give That Teenage Girl? has a 2 year subscription to Seventeen Magazine for just $7! It's $12 and you get an automatic $5 off at checkout. Not bad for a last minute gift!

*Note: This magazine can contain some raunchy stuff. It's like Cosmo geared toward teens. 

(Thanks Cha Ching Queen!)


Sara said...

Be careful with is magazine for younger teens. I mistakenly thought this would be a good magazine for a 15-year old and was quite surprised when her mom showed me the actual magazine that showed up. The content may not be something you are ready for your child to be reading. Maybe I'm dating myself (I'm 40) but I was surprised by what this magazine thought was appropriate for a 'teen'.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...


That is a great point. I added a disclaimer to the post for people that have never looked at this magazine.

JS said...

I agree with the comments posted here. I am 31, married, and have three kids of my own. I bought this to keep in my high school classroom, but decided to check it out myself first. Glad I did. Most of the articles are talking about making out and "hooking up". Not something I want to promote to my underage students!!

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