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Friday, December 11, 2009

Soy Licious Smells Like Christmas Spirit

I love candles.

I recently decided to try a new candle company, Soy Licious. I was initially interested in them because they manufacture soy based candles that burn longer. To start, I decided to buy the Dickens Christmas scent. Because who doesn't love a house that smells like Christmas?

I was so surprised at how great this candle smells and how clean it burns. I accidentally left it lit all night long and it barely used any wax and my ENTIRE house smelt like Christmas. Now if that isn't enough to get you in the spirit, I don't know what is!

Another thing that I really like about Soy Licious is they have an awesome consultant program where you can sell their candles and make money in your pocket.

To get more details and check out their huge list of scents, visit this page.

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