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Monday, December 07, 2009

STOP what you are doing and print this $5/$5 Hallmark coupon!

This is just a reminder in case anyone missed this coupon on Friday!

That's right! Hallmark has released a $5 off your $5 purchase coupon! You do not want to wait to print this as it is going to go fast!

I am using these to build my daughter's collection of Silly Bandz. You can get a 24ct pack for $4.95 then I get a 99c card too. This is a very popular fad in Birmingham, AL. I'm not sure if all Hallmark stores sell them or not.

See another great way to spend it here.

(Thanks MojoSavings!)


Talani Tupua said...

Got mine! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good idea for a stocking stuffer! Thanks!


Brenda Z. said...

woohoo! Also- just so you know- i have used 3 of these from magazines already and it does not need to be $5 before just tax- just after it. So no need to pick up filler for a 4.99 item :-)

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Wow Brenda! That is great to hear!! :D

Colleen said...

Good to know they sell the silly band there- a total fad here in TN. too! It's crazy! I was wondering where to buy some for stockings! Thanks! And all for free too:)

Nancy said...

What else are people getting? Does it have to be a Hallmark brand or anything in the store?

Anonymous said...

I was able to get crocs that were already on clearance (60% off of 24.99). After using the coupon, I only paid 4.99. I bought one for my 6 year old and one for my 11 month old.

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