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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Target -- G-Force for $7.99 on Blu-Ray/DVD

Walt Disney's G-Force on Blu-Ray combo pack (includes a Blu-Ray and DVD copy) was released yesterday.

You can print this coupon to save $10 on the Blu-Ray combo pack.
You can pair it with this $5 Blu Ray Target coupon (this is off any Blu-ray movie and has a picture of Transformers on it) for $15 savings.

Target has the DVD for $22.99. After both coupons, you will pay just $7.99.

Walmart has it for $19.99 in their add. You might want to try to price match it at your Target and use both coupons, however this might or might not work as the new policy states you can not use a Target coupon when you price match.


Erin said...

It is in the Walmart ad for $19.99. I price matched it at Target last night!

Tammy said...

G Force was 15.99 at my target last night so i got it for $1

Anonymous said...

i price matched and used both coupons at my target which made the movie $5.00. however, after i paid another employee informed the cashier that you have to use the target coupon before the price match, which would make the coupon useless. they still gave it to me since i had already paid.

Lisa said...

My husband did it yesterday and price matched!! $5 for it!!!

Hollye said...

Got mine today!

Alisha said...

Pre-ordered the DVD for $9.99 but WOW I couldn't pass up the 3 disc Combo pack fo only $7.99!! I'll either give the DVD as a gift or take it back and get and get a refund!!

Anonymous said...

I took the ad into Target because it appears to make you believe that the blue ray edition is also on sale for $15.99 when it is actually $22.99 in the store. They honored the discrepancy and gave it to me for $15.99 plus I used the coupons!!! A whole $0.99:)

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