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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walgreens 12.13 to 12.19 (38 under $1, 5 are free!)


Just getting started? Read this.

I have partnered with The Bargain Mavin to bring you all the hottest deals at Walgreens each week. Robin does a great job on her list and I look forward to working with her. Be sure to check out her site as I will only be listing the deals that are under $1!

Weekly Deals

Complete Multi-purpose Solution, 12 oz -- $7.99
RR: $8 wyb 1
Coupon: $1 from 10/25 RP
Deal: Buy 1 and use $1 Q. Pay $6.99 and get $8 RR
Total: $1.01 money maker!

Hunts Tomato Sauce -- 3/$1 with in ad coupon
Coupon: $1/3 printable
Total: Free!

Lubriderm is on sale 20% off -- $3.04
Coupon: $2 from 10/11 RP and $1 from Diabetes
Total: 4c!
(Thanks Carrie!)
Votive Candles, 6/$1
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 12)

Christmas Pencils, 5/$1
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 10)

Campbell's Gravy -- 2/$1with in ad coupon
Coupon: $1/4 printable
Total: 25c ea

Ravinia Knee-Highs, 3/$1
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 3)

Jell-0, $0.39
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 4)

Russell Stover Christmas Candy (.75-1.25oz), $0.39
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 6)

Stickers (146pk) or Disney Puzzles , $0.39
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 6)

Mars Candy (1.42-2.17oz), $0.39
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 6)

Geisha Mushrooms or Oranges, $0.39
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 4)

Swanson Broth, 14 oz -- 2/$1 (with in ad coupon)
Coupon: 35c/4 from 11/8 SS
Total: 41c ea

Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup or Mushroom, 10.75 oz -- 69c with in ad coupon
Coupon: $1/4 printable
Total: 44c ea

Lindsay Olives (5-6oz) -- 99c (with in ad coupon)
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: 49c ea

Progresso Soup -- $0.99 (Limit 4)
Coupon: $1.10/3 printable coupon
Total: 49c ea

Scotch Photo or Bubble Mailer, $0.49
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 6)

Blistex -- $1
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/15 SS
Total: 50c ea

Licensed Story Book, 3/$2
Use: In-Ad coupon

Chicken of the Sea Tuna or Sardines, $0.69
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 4)

Green Giant Canned Vegetables (14.5-15.25oz), $0.69
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 4)

Ravinia Panty Hose, $0.69
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 3)

Geisha Canned Fruit, $0.79
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 4)

Ajax Dish Liquid (16oz), $0.89
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 3)

Altoids or Tic Tacs, $0.99
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 4)

Gillete Fushion Razor -- $8.99
RR: $4 wyb 1
Coupon: $4 from 11/29 P&G
Deal: Buy 1 and use $4 Q. Pay $4.99 and get $4 RR
Total: 99c

General Mills cereal -- $1.99
Coupon: $1/1 printable coupon (IE) or (FireFox)
Total: 99c ea

Joybrite Candy Canes, $0.99
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 4)

Paper Plate (72ct) or cups (20ct), $0.99
Use: In-Ad coupon (Limit 3)

Coffee-Mate liquid (16 oz) -- 2/$3 (limit 2)
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/1 RP or $1/2 printable
Total: $1 ea

Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry or Hawaiian Punch (2L), 3/$3

Be sure to go here to see all the deals over $1.

Monthly Deals

Zooth Stages Toothbrushes -- 4/$10
RR: $5 wyb $10
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/29 P&G and $1 from Children's Activity Book (this will take $1 off each. Only 1 Q needed)
Deal: Buy 4 and use 2 $1/2 Qs and $1 activity book. Pay $4 and get $5 RR.
Total: $1 Money Maker!

Dulcolax Balance (4.1-oz) -- $7
RR: $4 wyb 1
Coupon: $3 printable or the $3 on the package
Deal: Buy 1 and use $3 Q. Pay $4 and get a $4 RR.
Total: Free!
(eligible for a $5 mail in rebate here)

Toblerone Bar -- $1.50
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/22 SS and $1/2 from December Monthly Book
Total: 2 for free!

Nyquil (10 oz) -- $5 ea
RR: $5 wyb 2
Coupon: $1.50 from 11/29 P&G
Deal: Buy 2 and use 2 $1.50 Qs. Pay $7 and get a $5 RR.
Total: $1 ea

Holiday M&M's -- 2/$5.00
Coupon: $1/2 M&M printable coupon and $1/2 from December Monthly Book
Total: $1.50 ea

Revlon Eye Tool -- $4.99
Coupon: $1 from 11/15 SS and $3 from December
Total: 99c!

Fresh Sacks -- (unsure of the price)
Eligible for a full refund. Details here.
(Thanks Moms by Heart!)

See the monthly deals that are over $1 here.

* RR stands for register reward. SS is Smart Source, RP is Red Plum and P&G is Proctor and Gamble (from the Sunday paper). The date next to these abbreviations is the Sunday the coupon was in the paper.

Be sure to look for the December booklet, Healthy Savings, ABC, Diabetes and You and the Children's Activity Book.

Be sure to check out all the various ways to save at Walgreens.


elena said...

The ad says Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 3/$1 and then limit 3. Does it mean i can only do the deal once, buying 3 cans or 3 times- buying 9 cans.Thank you!

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

It means that you can get 3 cans at the sale price. But most stores do not enforce the limit. :)

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