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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Walgreens Mid Week Ad valid 12/2 - 12/5


These deals are in addition to this week's sale.

These deals are courtesy of Bargain Mavin. If you haven't visited their blog yet, you should! They have the most extensive listings of Walgreens deals I have ever seen!

Natrol Acai -- $4
RR: $4 wyb 1
Coupon: $3 printable
Deal: Buy 1 and use $3Q. Pay $1 and earn $4 RR.
Total: $3 Money Maker!

Complete Multipurpose Solution -- $7.99
RR: $8 wyb 1
Coupon: $1 from 10/25 RP
Deal: Buy 1 and use $1 Q. Pay $6.99 and earn $8 RR
Total: $1.01 money maker!

Dentek Floss Picks (35 - 90ct) or Floss (55 yd) -- $1.99
RR: $2 wyb 1
Coupon: $1 from 10/11 SS
Deal: Buy 1 and use $1 Q. Pay 99c and earn $2 RR
Total: $1.01 money maker!

Goody Ouchless Hair Accessory -- $2
RR: $2 wyb 1
Deal: Buy 1 and pay $2 and earn $2 RR
Total: Free!

Soft and Beautiful Botanicals -- $5
RR: $5 wyb 1
Deal: Buy 1 and pay $5. Get $5 RR
Total: Free!

Softsoap Ensembles Pump -- $5.99
RR: $2 wyb 1
Coupon: $2 from December booklet found by the ads in the front of the store
Deal: Buy 1 and use $2 coupon. Pay $3.99 and earn $2 RR.
Total: $1.99

Quilted Northern Toilet Tissue (9 rolls) -- $4.29
RR: $1 wyb 1
Deal: Buy 1 and pay $4.29. Earn $1 RR
Total: $3.29


Big Roll Bathroom Tissue, 2/$1 (in-ad coupon)

Chapstick, $1.79, B2G1 FREE Sale
Final Price: $1.19 each

Country Heritage Fountains, $3.99

Deerfield Farm Cheese, 2/$3 (in-ad coupon)

Fanci-Full Hair Rinse, $0.99

HP Black Ink Cartridges (#21, #74, #92), $14.99

Kodak Fun Saver Camera (27 exp), $4.99

Ocean Spray Juice or Drink, $4.79 *BOGO FREE Sale
Use: (2) $1/1 coupon (peelie - found on product)
Final Price: $1.40 each

Purex Laundry Detergent, $3.99 (in-ad coupon)

Real Soft Facial Tissue, $0.79 (in-ad coupon)

Ricola Cough Drops (19-24ct), $0.99
Use: $0.50/1 Ricola Sugar Free Cough Drops (Diabetes & You); plus
$0.50/1 Ricola Cough Drop coupon (Healthy Savings booklet)
Final Price: FREE

Sun Light Dish Soap (12.6oz), $0.89 (in-ad coupon)

Starbucks Ice Cream -- $2.50
Coupon: $1 printable here or here
Total: $1.50

Be sure to check out all the various ways to save at Walgreens.


Sheree' Loves Couponing said...

Also for the Softsoap Ensembles go to

and print the $2 off coupon...

Pay $1.99 get $2RR so makes it FREE

Sarah Richey said...

There is also a deal on Coke 2-Liters. 3/$4.50 with a $2.50 RR. Making it 3/$2 which is a good price. But I went to get them this morning and the RR didn't print. The manager said it was because I used a RR to pay for them. (Of course he is wrong, and I tried to tell him that it should still print) He rang it up again and like I expected the RR didn't print. So he just gave me $2.50 cash. I said "that works for me". He said he was going to check into it and hopefully get it fixed. :)

Sheree' Loves Couponing said...

OMG Check the ad about the coke deal. The Softsoap is not a RR DEAL!!!!! It's get $2 off when you use the instore coupon. So with the manuf. coupon makes them $1.99 no RR's... Oh well.

Anonymous said...

The natrol acai at my Wags was a bottle inside a box and also inside the box was a $3 coupon good on any natrol product. The printable Q wouldn't scan and the checkout lady wouldn't manually put it in, so I used the Q from the box.

Sheree' Loves Couponing said...

Great info to know thanks!

Anonymous said...

OK, so frequently the RR will not apply to sale. Also I am told the RR does not print because I paid with a RR. I spend time getting this together so naturally I am very frustrated. Lately if the RR does not print or will not apply I do not take the merchandise.

Sarah, Why do you say, "of course he is wrong" how did you get him to give you the cash? Please share your secret charm.

Any suggestions?
As always, thanks!

Sarah Richey said...

I say "he is wrong" because I have purchased items that produce an RR and paid with an RR from a different company. So, I know that the RR will still print as long as you use one from a different company. So I would assume that this deal is no different. The manager tried to ring the items again to produce the RR and it didn't, so that means it was a problem with the catalina machine, not the use of the coupon.

I don't however, know for a fact what the policy is on using those RRs to pay. The manager I spoke with today said that it was because I used a manufacturer coupon. I said "Walgreens actually advertises the use of a manufacturer coupon on an RR producing product". He told me that the RRs are not the same manufacturer coupons as other manufacturer coupons. I simply say "ok."

I actually didn't ask him for the cash. He said he could not manually make the RR print so he gave me the cash and said "here is your Register Reward." I said "Thanks, works for me!"

I try to always be nice and ask them to clarrify it for me so that I know for the next time. It just seems that every manager says something different.

Anonymous said...

I bought 8 Natrol Acais for $1 each (after $3 off coupon)--- I had to do it in 8 separate orders to get the RRs, luckily I have a pretty patient cashier there who tolerates me! I ended up with $32 in RRs, plus 8 containers of the Natrol Acai (which normally retails at Wags for $10.49 a box!) all for $8!
I spent the RRs to buy other stuff I needed (and of course had coupons for!) at Wags...
When I got up front to pay, it wouldn't accept the last $4 RR slip. The manager told me it was because I had more coupons and RR slips than I had items (I had something like 6 coupons and 8 RRs) so I needed to add some inexpensive items to bring the total item count up so my last RR would scan. I threw some cheap candy-cane shaped pens in the order (for 39 cents each) and it scanned fine.
RRs can be so annoying to use if you try to coupon while using them...and it seems you get different information/rules each time you use RRs!
Today, for $8, I had an incredibly good haul...but the RRs can be more trouble than they're worth sometimes!

waYne waGner said...

Ok, so the more I read your comments and things, the more I am seeing that many times I know more about the coupons and deals (thanks to you all!) than the cashier and even the managers in these stores!! I need to be more assertive and explain it to them. I just assume they know what they are doing and I am finding that I am sorely mistaken....hmmm. So, I guess I am trying to say: THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR POSTING TIPS HERE ON THESE TRANSACTIONS!! :)

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