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Friday, December 04, 2009

Zhu Zhu pets and accessories at CVS!

Yesterday I told you how some CVS stores already have Zhu Zhu pets out and others are not putting their's out until Sunday. (Some of you even reported finding them!)

Well I also wanted to point out that CVS has accessories for the Zhu Zhu pets too! So be sure to look for them. You might have to ask at the front counter. Some stores have these items under lock and key.

You can also try printing the $5/$30 CVS store coupon for additional savings!

Good luck!

See all the CVS deals here.


Bridget =) said...

thank you so much for the heads up!! my mom was able to pick up two today!!!!

couponclipper said...

Check out this site , it's saving my procrastinating butt! lol

Rather than wait outside a Toys R Us freezing my fanny off, I had GoGrabber watch Amazon for me and alert me when new stock came in at regular retail price.
It was perfect and I even got free shipping with Amazon because I was buying a couple other xmas gifts. Worked like a charm, and unlike some of the other sites that do the same thing, there was no membership fee or "participation required" with third party scams.

Loved it!

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