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Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Disney Trip Day 2 -- May 13th, 2009

Day 2 started bright and early with a Happy Birthday wake up call. I would like to say that it actually woke us up, but my daughter gets up with the chickens. It was still fun to hear her favorite characters on the phone.

We made it to the bus before 8 am today for another fun day at the Magic Kingdom. The plan was to head straight back to Fantastyland and ride Peter Pan and Pooh. The kids had talked about them non stop the evening before.

We went ahead and grabbed a Fast pass to Peter Pan before riding it and it spit out a complimentary fast pass to Mickey’s Philarmagic. Not that you really NEED a fast pass to the show, but either way it was a nice surprise.

At exactly 9:30 am, Emily and I lined up for the rope drop at Toontown. Jacob could of cared less about meeting the fairies, so he and Jason decided to ride the tea cups and get a fast pass to Pooh when our window opened.

Emily and I ended up being second in line to meet the Fairies! It was fun shrinking down to fairy size. The first fairy we met was Iridessa. She asked Emily for her leaf journal to sign. Emily looked at her like she had lost her mind. Up next was Tinkerbell. She was so funny! When Emily told her that she was 5 today, Tinkerbell turned her 5 into a high 5. And they both laughed. When it was time for the picture though, Emily wouldn’t smile. Silly girl! We also met Rosetta. While we were chatting with her, I was watching Tinkerbell. She pranced over to a man with a video camera and started asking him how it worked. When he explained it she was like ‘Wow. It must have a fairy that lives in it sprinkling pixie dust constantly.’

After the fairies, we explored Mickey and Minnie’s houses. Emily loved Minnie’s the best and thought the cake that baked in the oven was the coolest ever. I also let Jason take Jacob to ride Goofy’s Barnstormer again. You won’t ever catch me on it!

By now, the kids were getting hot and needed a snack. We picked up 1 chocolate milkshake in Frontierland and the kids shared it. I got some cute pictures! Emily also spotted the mountains for the first time. She wanted to ride them both! Jason grabbed a Fastpass to Splash and they headed to ride Big Thunder Mountain first. And of course the little booger loved it. She is her father’s child. When they came down Splash mountain, I was able to get snap a picture of them. What great luck!

We decided to leave the parks around noon for a break. I was hoping the kids would take a nap, no such luck. They were all hyped up. So we all took baths and got dressed for dinner. On our way to 1900 Park Faire, we stopped to get Emily’s birthday gift card. $68! She was so excited to have the money to spend on whatever she wanted. (She ended up picking out 2 more autograph books, a pen, and a necklace with her name on it and one for her friend.)

1900 Park Faire was beautiful. Emily chose to wear her Cinderella dress and all the waitresses gushed over her. We took our seat and we were so excited to meet everyone. When they introduced Cinderella, Emily’s eyes lit up. Of course Cinderella didn’t immediately head our direction. The first character to make it to our table was Prince Charming. He was so handsome!

After that, they called for the Royal Waltz. Cinderella looked so beautiful! I was filming the dance, when Lady Tremaine walked up and asked Emily if she would like to dance and take some of the attention off Cinderella. Well before they even made it on the dance floor, the Prince cut in! Emily danced with the Prince with stars in her eyes, and I stood their filming. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. Emily was star struck and it was a perfect gift on her birthday.

Anastasia came to our table next. She saw that there was a page in Emily’s autograph book just for her and she gushed and raved over how special that was and how beautiful she looked. She was a hoot! After leaving our table, this lady tried to squeeze past her and politely said “Excuse me.” Anastasia turned around and said “yeah excuse you!” Then my son screamed and she turned around and snapped and said “There is no screaming at Disney World.” His eyes got as big as saucers but he didn’t scream again!

Cinderella finally made it to our table. Emily was all smiles and told her how she had danced with the Prince. Cinderella also commented on how beautiful Emily looked in her dress. After she left the table, the waitress brought out Emily’s birthday cake. We had chosen to get the chocolate slipper dessert over an actual cake because it was $15 cheaper then the most basic cake! The dessert was cute, but Emily barely ate it and we were too full to even try it. But Lady Tremaine just raved over it.

Drisella was funny. She asked Emily why she would dress up like Cinderella. Emily told her it was because she was so pretty. Drisella laughed and said that Emily looked much better then Cinderella does.

Before leaving, they gave us a keepsake place mat all the characters had signed. The food was not the greatest, but the experience was worth the high price tag.

We decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom for the evening. We entered the park and Emily saw the man with all the balloons. She wanted the pink Mickey head balloon but it was $10 and we only had $5 in cash. A man walked up to buy a balloon while we were explaining to Emily that we did not have the cash for the balloon. He handed us five dollars. What a nice gesture! It is so wonderful when the guests spread the magic too.

We also took Emily over to The Chapeau to pick out her first pair of mouse ears. She chose a pink princess pair and we had her name monogrammed on the back. We decided to wait until the next trip to buy our son’s ears since he wasn’t the least bit interested and he would only tear them up. As we walked up Main Street, we stopped at each window display to check it out. Emily, of course, had to have her picture taken with each one.

Up next was Fantasyland. We practically lived in Fantasyland during our trip. We grabbed a fast pass to Pooh and used ours from earlier to ride Pooh and Peter Pan. We also rode the carousel where I took one of my favorite pictures of the trip. Then Emily decided she was brave enough to ride Snow White. She was so scared of the witch, but she put on a brave face. After riding it, she wanted to go again! But this time, she hid her face for most of the ride. We rode the teacups and Pooh one last time before going to find a seat for Wishes.

We got lucky and the tables in front of Casey’s were empty. We sat down and ate a snack while we waited for the fireworks to start. The show was amazing! The kids have never really seen fireworks up close before and they laughed and squealed the whole time. The crowds were thick leaving after the fireworks though, so we hung out in a store and let the kids watch classic Disney cartoons for 30 minutes to let the crowds work their way out of the park. It was a great ending to Emily’s birthday.

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