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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Disney Trip Day 3 -- May 14th, 2009

On our 3rd day, we had early morning reservations for Donald’s Safari Breakfast at the Animal Kingdom. It was neat to enter the park before all the other guests. The restaurant was really neat and we actually got a pretty good table. The food was so delicious! It was a mixture of American and African foods.

The first character to our table was Mr. Donald himself. He looked so handsome in his safari attire. He was followed by Mickey and finally Daisy. It was our first time to meet Daisy and she is one of Emily’s favorite. She was so friendly and sweet to the kids. We joined in a parade around the restaurant which was really fun, and we saw Goofy just before we left.

I was a little irritated because by the time we left the restaurant, it was 9:20. Our reservation had been at 8 am. It just takes so long for all the characters to make it to your table. Jason ran over to the safari and grabbed a fast pass. It was funny because the wait was 20 minutes and the fast pass return time was exactly 20 minutes later. We took the opportunity to walk through the Pangani Forest Exploration trail. It was neat, but it wasn’t amazing. But it was a good way to kill the time while we waited for our return time for the Safari.

While on the trail, Emily got to do her first pin trade. She was so excited to trade. I had bought 15 pins on Ebay for $21. It was so worth it! She didn’t end up keeping a single original pin. Haha!

The Safari was more then I expected it to be. Both the kids were so interested in all the wildlife. My daughter snapped a bunch of random pictures and actually got some pretty good shots. We only did the Safari once during our trip, but we would of loved to do it a few times. It was awesome!

Next stop was Camp Minnie Mickey. Emily met the 2 brother bears and then she and I went to see The Lion King Show. It was one of the most amazing shows I had ever seen in my life. The actors and dancers were incredible. Emily smiled so big during the show. She was so excited!

While we were watching the show, Jason took Jacob to get fast passes for Expedition Everest, they swung by and rode the Triceratop Spin and then he let Jacob play at The Boneyard. Jacob found a wall with a waterfall and had the time of his life. He got soaked, but he was all smiles! I let him continue to play while Emily and Jason rode Expedition Everest. When they returned, Emily carried on and on about how fun it was and how much she loved the roller coaster. She is definitely not like me!

We decided to head back to the resort. It was 1 in the afternoon and it was hot. We let the kids swim for a bit and we had a good dinner at the Pop Century food court. Emily also finally had time to open most of her birthday gifts. She got a Belle doll and had to carry her everywhere!

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