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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Our Disney Trip Day 4 -- May 15th, 2009

Friday morning, our 4th day, began with a monorail ride to the Polynesian for breakfast at O’hanas. This was one of the best meals of the trip. I absolutely love the family style meals because it takes the pressure off. I didn’t have to worry about running to the buffet and missing the characters.

It was a lot of fun to meet Lilo and Stitch. He is one of the funniest characters to interact with. He played peek a boo with Jacob and gave Emily a sweet kiss. Mickey invited us to join in with him on the parade and Jacob was excited to see him again. We didn’t wait to meet Pluto again because we were itching to get to the Magic Kingdom.

This was also where we had one of the most frustrating parts of the trip. We had participated in a stroller swap on the Disboards and the wheel of the double jogger stroller went flat. We went to guest services at the Magic Kingdom to get it aired up, but it was unfixable. But we experienced some real magic. The Cast Member gave us a Disney stroller to use for the day. It was a really nice gesture, and one we will remember always.

We weren’t in a major hurry this morning, so we stopped at the entrance so Emily could meet Pinocchio. There was hardly no line at all! It was great.

Next stop was the show “Storytime with Belle.” Emily was still carrying her Belle doll with her and had to sit Belle on the bench so she could enjoy the show too. Well the real Belle spotted the doll and invited Emily on stage to be her father in her skit! Emily was star struck and kept the same expression on her face the entire time. But she had a blast!

After this, we went over to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear. We had to stop and see the ducks first though! Jacob absolutely loved all the ducks at Disney. The ride was fun, but the cast member at the exit was one of the most friendliest person we encountered on our trip. She let Emily play with her robot (it was one of the green space men) and even traded pins with her.

On our way Fantasyland, we stopped to meet the White Rabbit. Then it was on to Peter Pan. (I had the entire ride memorized by the end of the trip.) We grabbed a fast pass to Pooh and rode It’s a Small World. Jacob threw most of my change in the water. He would chuckle every time he would hear the plunk. People were even giving him their money to throw in.

After this ride though, Jacob had an absolute meltdown. He did not want to wait while Emily met the Fairy Godmother. He was tired and hot and he had had enough. The Fairy Godmother came over and talked to Jason and he would not have any part of it! She tried her hardest though. I guess she should of used her wand on him. She suggest we head over to Ariel’s Grotto to play.

We listed to her advice and both the kids had so much fun. Jacob would stand over one of the jets and wait for it to hit him in the face. I guess it felt really good. The kids got absolutely soaked, but they were happy and that is what mattered most.

On the way out of the park, we got stopped by the Celebration show again. It was such a great show and it had the best music!

After regrouping at the hotel and getting our double, we headed to Hollywood Studios. This is where one of the funniest moments happened. Jacob, as I mentioned before, has been obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a couple years. He enjoyed meeting all the life size characters, but it wasn’t until we got to Hollywood Studios that he got really excited. There, he saw the sign advertising his favorite show and he walked right up to the sign and gave it a hug. He was all smiles.

Emily waited to meet Jojo and Goliath and Leo while Jacob played with the sign. Then it was finally time for him to see Playhouse Disney live on stage. When Mickey popped up on stage, Jacob’s mouth fell open and it remained open for the whole show. He was home and he was so happy. After the show, we stopped to meet Annie and June and then went to Pizza Planet for dinner. It was really great food and the arcade was a lot of fun. The best part was that it was deserted.

After dinner, Jason and Emily went to see The Little Mermaid and Jacob and I walked around. He didn’t have patience for shows and there was no sense in making us all miserable. We did get a cute picture in front of the huge Playhouse Disney sign.

We hopped a bus to Fort Wilderness and took a fun boat ride to the Magic Kingdom. The driver was so funny and we learned a lot of interesting trivia.

We rode the train around to Toontown and stopped for a quick tour of Minnie’s house. We used our fast pass from the morning to ride Pooh and grabbed one for Peter Pan. But when we went to use it, the ride broke. Such a bummer.

By now, it was almost time for Wishes. Since we had seen the show before, we took the opportunity to hang out in Fantasyland and wait for the short lines. Our plan worked! We only had 3 people in front of us to meet The Little Mermaid. It was kind of weird being in the cave with her while Wishes was going off. It sounded like we were under attack. Emily was so thrilled to meet her and told her all about how she had just turned five.

We were also able to ride Dumbo with only a 5 minute wait! Talk about great luck! It was neat riding Dumbo while the fireworks were shooting off. But the kids, bless their heart, were so tired they fell asleep in the stroller on the way to the bus.

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