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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Wait In Line!


We went to Disney May 12th to May 19th. We were in the parks for 8 days. And I am happy to say that the longest line we stood in was for the bus. Are you impressed? Well what if I told you that we also rode our 2 favorite rides Peter Pan's Flight and Winnie The Pooh 10 times each and the longest we waited was 5 minutes! And it is not because we went during a non-busy time. It's all because I planned ahead and followed the advice from this amazing site Tour Guide Mike.

Tour Guide Mike helps you plan your vacation. He explains every single ride in detail. He offers tips on the best time to ride, how to minimize your wait time, if the ride is scary for kids. He tells you which days are good for visiting each park. He gives you best spots for viewing the parades. He even gives you customized touring plans! Everything you need to know, he tells you.

Now how much is your time worth? Mike's website does charge a fee of $21.95. But wait, before you get turned off because of the fee, it is refundable if you don't like it! Mike stands behind his product and wants to make sure you are happy.

I am renewing my subscription for our next trip. The fact that I did not have to stand in long lines and I knew how to avoid the crowds was worth every penny I paid.

You can take a preview tour here. You can type HE7KD-8GA in the Promotional Code section of the purchase page. You'll save $3 off the normal purchase price of $21.95!

If you have any questions about his site, feel free to email me or comment on this post.

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