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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Savings To Date

PhotobucketI’ve always used coupons. I just didn’t know how much I could really save until 2008. On New Years of 2008, I made the resolution to really educate myself on using coupons at all the stores in my area, and not just on my weekly groceries at Walmart. I started by visiting my favorite site Hot Coupon World. It was a little over whelming at first (all the information I needed to learn) but I stuck with it.

By the end of the first month, I had over a year supply of toilet paper (Cottonelle), dishwashing detergent (Electrasol tablets) and half a year supply of laundry detergent (Purex). My out of pocket expenses for all of these together was right at $20. There were some great deals and coupons!

By the end of 6 months, I was spending less than $150 a month to feed my family of four. And we were eating well too. With the coupons and sales I was able to stock up on all of my family's favorites as well as trying all the new products. (Coupons are always issued for new products and there are always great sales to coincide with the coupons)

By the end of 12 months (Christmas), I had accumulated so many great products (razors, makeup, beauty aids, etc) that I did not spend a dime on presents for my family. They were all thrilled with their goodie bags that were valued at well over $150 each. I was thrilled at the money I was able to pocket.

By the end of 18 months, I had saved so much money that I was able to take my family of 4 to Disney World for 9 days! We had the time of our life. I can't wait to take them back again and I am excited to share my bargain hunting tips and tricks with all of you.


Crystal said...

Good for you Kristin! I have spent the last few hours on your website reading and e-mailing companies! I have been getting into free samples and coupons recently and it's amazing what you can save if you do a little work!

Chrystal said...

I'm wondering how you bought enough products for a year's worth AND how much that was...did you already know by doing the math, or did it just happen that way?

Kristin said...

It just happened that way. If something doesn't expire or go bad quickly, I'll buy as much of it as possible (without clearing the shelves. I'll go to multiple stores in a 45 mile radius).

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